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Missile Attack on Israel: the War of Ezek. 38/Description of the Entrance of God’s Temple [Vision #247] – Sharlene Reimer

Photo by Sharlene Reimer

Missile Attack on Israel: the War of Ezek. 38/Description of the Entrance of God’s Temple

Vision #247 Oct 1/20 Thur am
Oct 1, 2020, 9:41 PM
Sharlene Reimer

God sometimes gives me visions during my God time, or ‘just be’ time with Him. It’s not common but my regular readers know that I’ve had a few of them during this time of quietness and hearing Him. I have had different areas where I go to ‘just be’. Lately it is at the entrance of God’s temple on top of a mountain. I will try to explain what I see. My route to ‘just be’ time begins at the base of a mountain. I climb that mountain until I reach the edge of the cloud where there is a cleft in the rock which overlooks a valley with a river below to my left and other mountains to my right. From there are steps carved into the rock and I take them and go up until I come out of the cloud. The closer to the temple steps, the brighter the light. When I am out of the cloud, I am standing before a wide staircase of pure white stone steps. (walking up them reminds me of walking on the southern steps in the old city of Jerusalem when I was touring Israel 2017.) On the top of the steps and standing on either side of them is a mighty angel. They are super tall and wearing armour. I usually greet the angels as I walk up the stairs (they don’t say anything to me and so far have just ignored me but I’m assuming they are very aware of my presence!) I proceed through what is like a courtyard area and come to the front of the entrance of the temple. There are two huge pillars; one on either side of the entrance. The angels are even taller than these pillars. I usually just bow down there but I have gone in a short distance as well. I begin with repentance and some worship before quieting my heart and mind. It’s not an easy thing to do as I’m easily distracted but eventually I get there. Praise the Lord He is MOST Patient!!

In this time today, God moved me and I found myself plunging into the ocean. I was swimming and seeing and breathing underwater. Suddenly a missile moved passed me quickly from below and it went up and out of the water. Then my perspective changed as I was now midair and so above the water. I saw this missile arch towards land that was on the horizon. I understood it was attacking Israel. I have had so many visions regarding the coming war of Israel. (please see my index at my blog to find them. They will be under the heading of ‘Israel’

I asked God what is this about? And He said: “There will be peace and safety with all these deals Israel is making with the nations around them. My inheritance will very soon experience war; Jerusalem will burn and it will usher in the antichrist.” Is this the Ezekiel 38 war? “Yes daughter, it is.”

This is a picture I took of the southern steps of old Jerusalem when I was in Israel Feb/17 Jesus would have walked these steps to go to the temple. The gates are blocked up now.

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