Mirror Mirror on the Wall! – Benjamin Faircloth

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Apr 15, 2018

“America, you foolish nation of pride and vanity, your arrogance is your slide into the abyss! Nation after nation has called your bluff, yet you continue to deceive your own people!

The time to awake, arise, and repent was yesterday! But you refuse to see the error of your way!

My avengers stand ready to strike and their cause will be just. The Rod of Correction is near and My Salvation is with Me, but who will reach and receive Truth?

I warn you again oh nation of the Plumed Snake (the original name of America given by the Indians of Peru. Feathered Serpent). A Bear (Russia)and a Tiger (China) is watching you! They see your wound and they smell your injury, but you can’t because your drunk with pride! Blinded by the lust of power and dominion, this pride is your poison and it will be your cause of failure!

Look to Me and be healed, but you won’t, you’ve crossed the line and point of no return!

Your master-your father the devil, it is he whom you have chosen to serve! Now, the blows will come!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 27)


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