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Miracle of Coins

February 19, 2022 9:36 PM
Eunice Park

I’m sharing my personal experience of a miracle.

When I was about 13, I came to know Jesus.¬† I was changed and felt so much joy.¬† Though young age, I had spiritual desperation due to my childhood trauma.¬† I went to church two to three times a week.¬† I talked about Jesus only.¬† I brought bible to school.¬† On weekend, I gave out papers of gospel to strangers on the street.¬† My mother became worried about me.¬† One Wednesday, I asked my mom for money to buy subway ticket.¬† At that time, in Korean currency, one way ticket was 170 won.¬† My mother didn’t give me money.¬† In my room, I prayed, crying with¬†tears.¬† “God, please give me 170 won.¬† I want to go to church.¬† I want to give worship service and listen to Words.¬† Please, please, please, give me just 170 won. I don’t need a two way ticket.¬† Just one way ticket will be enough.¬† Please,….”¬† I asked God with a true heart and tears for some time.

When I opened my eyes, from the desk chair to my front, there¬†were coins.¬† Exactly 170 won.¬† It wasn’t 160 won.¬† It wasn’t’ 180 won.¬† There was nothing in front of me when I was praying.¬† Whether you believe it or not, this really happened.¬† I was extremely overjoyed.¬† So, I went to church after buying one way ticket.¬† After the service, a male pastoral intern gave me a free ticket without my¬†asking.¬† He¬†said, “I got a free ticket.¬† Why don’t you use it on your way home.”

I don’t need a sign¬†or miracle to¬†believe Jesus is the Truth.¬† The joy in me is the¬†evidence. The changed myself is the sign.¬† But¬†I cherish¬†this experience deep in my¬†heart.¬† I believe in the last days we might¬†experience this kind of miracles again.¬† The bible said our Father will pour out His Spirit on us.¬† I pray Jesus will take¬†me¬†on His return.¬† But, though I am left behind, I know He will provide.¬† We shouldn’t, but also don’t need to take the mark of the beast.¬† If we pray, food will appear, blind will see, deaf will hear, crippled will walk,¬† and dead will arise.¬† I know and believe it, since I experienced myself.

Eunice Park

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