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Military tracking down people by Cellphones GPS – Lu Smith

Military tracking down people by Cellphones GPS

Lu Smith

NIGHT VISION: I had the most intense night vision.

We was somewhere in a city and the the scene started in a class room at a school. The military came and raided a school. The students were running for their life. The scene switched to a class room, and I saw students running to hide out in a back room in their class room and some even escaped through a door in the back room. All of the students could not get into the small back room at once. All of a sudden the military burst into the class room pointing their guns and started firing at the students. Some of the students turned over desks in the classroom and piled them up in a corner and hid behind them to protect themselves from the gunfire of the military. Then the scene switched and I was outside, and I was running trying to escape the military. I was running down a street looking into allys, but I could not run through the allys because they had someone from the military blocking them all. I ran to what looked like a auto shop where they fix cars, and thought I had escaped the military, but they were tracking us. The military showed up. I ran again And then I heard the Lord speaking to me, I was in a building, God told me to go through this door of the building, He said follow the person outside of the door because they would lead me to safey. I ran to the door and I saw someone outside the door, just like God said, and I knew immediately that it was a Angel. The Angel lead me to a tall wide bush and told me to hide there. The military was everywhere. I had my cell phone and they had trackers in their hands, and the military kept coming close to where I was with trackers in their hands but never could quite figure out exactly where I was. I watched them from my hiding place and I heard one man with the tracker in his hands say this is as far as the tracker will go but we see nothing. Then all of sudden a young lady shows up and picks up a cell phone and says this is my cell phone that you are tracking from the spot that their tracker kept leading the military to. The Angel of the Lord shielded me from the military blocking my phone signal and supernaturally took the women’s phone from her pocket and put it where she found it. Then the military left the scene. I was saved supernaturally by the Angel of the Lord.

John 16:13 He will show you things to come. Psalms 91:11 For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thou feet against a stone. City in the bible is a place of refuge.

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  1. Sophia

    Thank you for sharing this vision. It is comforting to know that Father will protect His children during the terrible things to come.

  2. AntiHighTech

    This is not just a vision or dream anymore. Here in Ohio there are restaurants that collect old cell phones claiming to be donated to soldiers. The reality is that old cell phones do not have the modernized trackers. Also the emergency alert system does not work on older generation i phones. We refuse to upgrade for that reason. Its hard to believe but the tracking gps is all all newer technology including computers and possible digital devices. My advice is keep your old equipment . Treasure it because this modern corrupt garbage is going to head exactly like this Vision describes, no doubt about it!

  3. Jesse Terrell

    I’ve only had a few dreams that might be construed prophetic. A few years ago I dreamed I was in the downtown area of a very large city—possibly Chicago. A group of men were standing by a street , but a few feet away. Somehow I knew they were Christian believers. As they stood there, a very long bus pulled up quickly right behind them. Soldiers rapidly began unloading in black uniforms with each carrying an automatic rifle. Immediately they began rounding up the men and herding them onto the bus. I was standing a few yards away, and an Asian man was close by. I told him we better get out of there and go into a restaurant or some other public place. Then I realized they could track with by my cellphone so I looked for a garbage can to dump it in. That’s all.

  4. Lori Powell

    I’ve had dreams about being pursued by the military. One I distinctly remember was my children and I and others, I don’t know, going into a room with no place else to go and praying, standing still, in the middle against a wall and the military came in and could not see us, even though they looked our way and walked right around us! I also believe God will supernaturally hide and protect His people.

  5. Sara L

    Thank you for sharing this dream!! In February I heard while in prayer. “Tech will be the downfall, it is not what you think it is”
    Brothers and Sisters, we will have to “ditch” our phones and tech to escape when Holy Spirit moves us to do so. We must prepare for this reality, it is coming!!

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