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Military Jets In The Sky – Sammy Omosh


Military Jets In The Sky

October 5, 2022 8:30 AM
Sammy Omosh

Praise the Lord dear Jonathan and the 444 prophecy family.It has been a while since i communicated a word here and in the last one month,i was totally away from the internet,until today.Iam amazed that this message has been confirmed through other messengers on this site going by what the Lord has revealed.

On 5/10/22 In a dream-vision iam standing outside with other people,and we look up in the sky and we see WAR PLANES moving in the sky at terrific speed.I then wake up to find it,s1.50am.In another scene i meet a person i know in real life.I have never known him to be Prophetic in real life.He then utters the following words,’


I then ask him how he knew this and the dream ends there,

I then wake up to find it’s 4:15am .

1] I don.t know whether the 10th or 11th is a particular date or a future timing.No month is given.

2]On 4/10/22 In the korean peninsular,the rogue leader of North korea fires a ballistic missile with a range of 4500km that passes through Japan and into the pacific ocean.Experts believe this could reach the territory of Guam from the firing spot.Prior to this,the USA and South korea{Allies}had begun joint Aerial bombardment exercise which is believed to have angered Kim Jong Un.Is war looming?

On waking up i ponder on the causes of World War One and Two combined.And i believed the WARS could have been avoided at all cost.Again as if i was waiting further confirmation to this message,a friend calls me this morning and tells me whether iam alert to major world events eg in UKRAINE,MIDDLE EAST,THE STATE OF WORLD ECONOMY.LOOMIN G FAMINE AND DROUGHT ETC.

He goes on to quote major parts of MATTHEW24.

NOTE ON KENYA:I See alot of standing waters covering many rarts of the country{you have seen this scenario in Pakistan-standing flood waters}In that Revelation of 27/9/22 i utter the following words:”I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH KIND OF RAIN WATER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE”. Some will drown in those waters.Could this be judgment to the land in the aftermath of what happened recently?

Mat24:6 And you will hear of wars and rumours of wars.Don,t be alarmed for this must take place,but the end is not yet.

Genesis41:32And the Doubling of pharaoh,s dream means that the thing is fixed byGod,and He will shortly bring it about.


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