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Military Checkpoints

January 13, 2021 11:20 AM

This morning January 13, 2021 around 7am right before waking up I had a dream that I believe The Holy Spirit wants me to share here.
This dream was very clear in detail and in color and it was as follows…

It started with me being in my vehicle approaching a military checkpoint that also had some kind of station and a couple of smaller buildings. There were several (maybe 20 or so) armed soldiers dressed in military uniforms spread out a little bit and checking the car in front of me. I did notice as well not all of them looked the same, mostly due to a different looking hat or helmet. I mostly remember the ones that had a black hat on similar to shape of a Green Beret hat. The men wearing this hat looked angry and more serious than the others and were watching my vehicle and me closely but were not approaching it. I sat waiting for what seemed like a few minutes and I began to wonder why they were not approaching me or asking me to pull up more. But the sense I had at this time was I knew exactly why they were there and I had no fear at all or concern with what would happen to me.

Then all of the sudden I was on the other side of the checkpoint and building but without my vehicle and was walking away from it again with no concern or worry for myself. One of the soldiers was watching me walk away but not saying anything. Out ahead of me was what appeared to be a dirt road but with many trees along the road and grass as well on both sides.

For some reason I thought to myself that wherever I was going I could get there faster if I have my vehicle so I turned around and went back to the door to a building at the checkpoint to see if I could look for my vehicle. A man at the door that did not look nor was dressed like a soldier opened the door but said I could not come in. I looked behind him and there were about 20 or so people sitting in chairs in normal clothing as well that looked concerned and just watched me and the man at the door but did not say anything. I then told the man, “ I think I left my car here up on the 3rd floor maybe I want to see if it is there so I can get it.” He told me I could not enter and could not go look but would not tell me why. He just looked angry and stood in blocking the door. I then asked him why I couldn’t, and repeated my reason for wanting to enter. He then got quiet but looked even angrier. I then asked him what was the problem and for what reason could I not go look. He still did not answer and I looked at the others in the room and no one said anything just staring at me. It ended there as my alarm woke me up.

I am just sharing because I felt led to and maybe it can help someone else. Also if anyone believes they have the interpretation please email me with the interpretation. My email is preparedtogo2020@gmail.com

May the Holy Spirit lead and guide you into all truth.

~ Paul

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