Mighty Wind/Fire Message – T. Andrew Farley

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Mighty Wind/Fire Message

November 10, 2022 9:46 PM
T. Andrew Farley


On this early evening on a Saturday in October, I was praying in a special spot. I received one short but powerful word for His remnant already, and it was amazing. As I was getting ready to get up and go in, (the wind kicked in and blew on me significantly!) and I heard (the still small voice of) the King of Glory through His Spirit say clearly: “are you ready?”

I instantly had the inner knowing in my heart; He was going to speak and wanted to use me and my pen as His available vessel. I grabbed it and my notepad, and this is the word that came forth:

2023 is the year where the fire of My glory will begin quickly and acceleration of the spread of it will move upon and over the entire earth!

My mighty winds will blow wherever I will, to spread this fire as I choose. One moment will be very still, eerily still; then in the next moment suddenly- My consuming fire will fall!

Resurrection fire and glorification of My name will come upon the earth. Once and for all, mankind will know that all the other gods will be as chaff; for they were deceived by the fallen ones and his helpers and minions, woe unto them!

I come to divide, separate and dismantle his (the adversary) schemes and plots, and I will restore and renew hearts and minds that are hardened and confused.

My sheep will hear My voice, for it is impossible for Me to lie and I already know who they are.
I will come to free the final captives! These sheep will be so blessed, for they will enter into eternity and to the fullness of inheritance, by not loving their lives unto death. These are the last of the “sleepers” who I will bring into the fold using My bridal army in their role as laborers in My great harvest; I will have My way through those who I have reserved, called, and chosen!

The process of gross darkness must move forward as I have spoken to you before; the time is appointed and it is at hand. This is good news My children! For if I didn’t move in this season, truly no flesh would be left alive! I will keep all of My own and I will not lose one of them!

Recompense comes for the followers of the rebel, your adversary! For those who worship him and repent not (some of them will!) or who try to “cry out” from their dead and murderous hearts at the last breath they will take; they will be consumed by My fire of judgment and reserved for the 2nd death and the lake of fire…

The Lion of Judah has spoken.

(end of word)

This word was scribes (or transcribed) by T. Andrew Farley, near Corpus Christ, TX on 10/22 at 6:40 pm.
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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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