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Mighty Warrior | Spiritual Warfare – Elizabeth Marie

Mighty Warrior | Spiritual Warfare

March 17, 2020
Elizabeth Marie


It is time for the people of GOD to rise up to their full potential and position in CHRIST. The battle is raging in the spiritual and is manifesting here down on earth. The evil one is gleefully attempting to kill, steal and destroy in the most horrendous way, knowing that his time is short.

Therefore, like NEVER BEFORE, the true church of GOD must learn what it means to put on the full armor of GOD and become one of HIS warriors. For those who will stay complacent and do nothing, they will not be able to overcome the onslaught that is upon us. I was given a message of this ‘onslaught’ and financial collapse’ on October 24, 2019:

PROPHETIC WARNING: Prepare for the onslaught that comes & the financial collapse

‘ONSLAUGHT’ according to Merriam-Webster means:

‘an especially fierce attack’

As a watch-women on the wall,’ I have gone through many, many perils, hardships, trials and attacks from the enemy.  As a matter-of-fact, they are non-ending and most of time, pretty severe. However, thanks be our FATHER and the LORD JESUS, HE has given us all that we need to survive these attacks spiritually. HE has always been there for me, but HE has allowed the attacks so I would learn how to be HIS WARRIOR in the spirit realm.

It took me a long time to see a very important spiritual principal to  this warfare that I did not understand for years.  For years I expected the LORD to come and fight for me when attacked, and all I had to do is call on HIM to do so. While it is true that we are to call out to HIM during times of trials and testings, we must also learn to use the weapons of warfare that HE has given us.

We must remember that  JESUS brought us a New Covenant, and with that came a new life WALKING in the SPIRIT and BATTLING in the SPIRIT.  HE now gives us the weapons and tools that we need to fight the enemy’s attacks…..and HE expects us to use them!  HE wants us to become MIGHTY WARRIORS OF GOD spiritually and to be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11)

The Bible says:

WE have ALL authority over the enemy (Luke 10:19)
WE are to RESIST the devil and he will flee (James 4:7)
WE are to put on the full armor of GOD  (Ephesians 6:14)
WE have been given weapons of warfare to pull down strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)
WE are to bind and loose here on earth (Matthew 18:18)
WE are to be sober, resist and stand firm in the faith ( 1 Peter 5:8-9)
WE are to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21)

As you can see from the above verses……it is ‘WE’ that have been given everything to fight this battle!  HE has given us everything we need…..but we need HIS help in the application of these weapons of warfare!

As we are now seeing the spiritual warfare against HIS people increasing drastically right now…… it is almost like the very pits of hell have opened up here on earth and it is increasing, we must remember that this is part of living in the last days.

Soon the LORD will come for HIS people…….. but while we wait, we need to rise up and start learning how to put on the full armor of GOD and fight in the SPIRIT.  If we don’t, there will be casualties spiritually….a lot of wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

Here are few tactics that I use on a daily basis:

1) ASK forgiveness for all known and unknown sins and repent
2) STAND FIRM on the WORD of GOD (like the verses above) and command the enemy to “GO” in the AUTHORITY OF THE NAME OF JESUS (James 4:7)
3) WORSHIP, PRAISE & SING to the LORD (2 Chronicles 22:18-22)
4) PROCLAIM, PLEAD, APPLY the BLOOD OF JESUS over you (Rev. 12:11)
5) ‘BIND & CAST OUT’ or ‘LOOSE’ in the NAME OF JESUS (Matthew 18:18)
6) REBUKE, RESIST, BREAK OFF, SEVER & LOOSE yourself from all forms of witchcraft
7) BREAK OFF all strongholds and curses
9) PROCLAIM your position in CHRIST (Our Identity in Christ)

For more detailed and in-depth information on SPIRITUAL WARFARE I would highly recommend any of Derek Prince’s books or videos on YOUTUBE.






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  1. Sarah

    Many times I wanted to say it and I’m glad I’m not the only one, because sometimes the fight is so crazy intense that self pity can set in, the victim mentality, or worse, “God must be really really upset with me”. In my prayers, I perceived that I was told that everyone has or will face this. No one is exempt. I know that realising how serious the battle is has made me much more keen to engage. It is life or death. If we don’t learn to stand, we could be swept along into the delusion that is coming. Last year at around this time, I complained over how hard it is when the pressure hits almost to the point that it could be felt and I thought I was holding on by just the skin of a fingernail, and He told me it was going to get worse before the year was out. Oh, and it did, and then it is getting still worse. But I find that the Lord increases His grace as well.

    Lately, it has been stressed to me the importance of using my words – spoken – in fighting these things. The harder the battle, the harder you fight. I have also noticed that the stupid distractions I used to engage in years ago is no longer on *at all*. Severe consequences. All things that are not of God has to be ruthlessly eliminated…**daily**. The wickedness of this present age..just impressed on me so strongly. Time is almost up – which I don’t know whether it means next year or ten years, but it’s serious business. Are the portals really opened? When things are bad, I have a habit of making jokes about it to ease the tension. One time maybe a couple weeks ago I was thinking of how suddenly the battle seemed to get fiercer. Is it just me or have they turned on CERN again, I thought to myself? I thought it was funny, but it’s not.

    I remember I just run to the Lord in prayer and going along with what you wrote here: I was just saying, “these thoughts are bad. They can’t be true so why do they press in like this? Stop it.” He seemed to say to fight. Victory is assured, but we have to fight. Like the children of Israel. The Lord went before them to help them. In some cases, they didn’t even have to physically engage the enemy, but they had to walk out in faith and do their part. Praise and worship. Sounding the trumpet blast. Yes, engaging combat – Ephesians 6. They are a wonderful example of what we must do.

    Alright. I’m done now. Thanks for this. Good confirmation/encouragement.

  2. Lyn

    Pat Love has a Spiritual Warfare series of three that explains SW in detail and how to do it!

  3. Alice R.

    Thank you. This came right before my prayer time.

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