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October 15, 2021

October 15, 2021

Proverbs 22:3(KJV)
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

I have a difficult time typing one sentence. With much difficulty, while my pc is shaking, I have to somehow finish these few worlds.(Any mistakes you see, I apologize.)

I have seen few of the messages posted about the presence in the jabs of parasites, microorganisms, elements and many contaminations. Many experts in the field have given their testimonies and narrations.

This message is about three points

1. Microscopy.
Inclusions and artifacts.
2. What if?
3. Distraction and deceptions.

Before I make the points, I would like to point out that these “Testimonies” by no means justify the vax or whatever is given in the observed scientific explanations. We all know what we learned from the Lord about the jabs and what to do.

The words give bellow are based on my many years of experience in the fields of science specifically in Medical human Anatomy, Histology, Immunocytopathology, Immunocytochemistry, Immunology, molecular biology, Genetic engineering etc etc, which all involve microscopy.

I. Microscopy.
There are four types of microscopy.

1, Light microscopy
2. Phase contrast microscopy
3. Florescent microscopy and
4. Electron microscopy.

I have worked with the above three for over thirty years.

In the first three which I am very experienced with, the involved are:-

1. The microscope,
2. The object of interest. Microorganisms, Tissues, parasites anything which need to be seen amplified under the microscope with 10X, 100X and 1,000X magnification,
3. The microscopic slide on which the object of interest is mounted on,
4. The liquid material the object is covered with,
5. The cover slip which coves the the object on the microscopic slide and
6. The oil between the cover slide and the lenses of the microscope.

When observing under the microscope, one cane see many layers of the mounted object by scrolling the lenses up and down with fine tunes.

Without going into the details of the three microscopies above, each object under investigation need a careful tune, focus and detailed observation. If not, one can get lost in the ocean of artifacts. Contaminates called artifacts/inoculations can come to view by scrolling the lenses up and down to the desired field of vision. Focusing the lenses on the object under investigation is one task which need good care.

If one tasks a drop of water from the pond and observe under a light microscope with 1,000X magnification, the person will be lost with the multitudes of unknown world of organisms, artifacts and unexplainable messes. If one wants to observe a tissue, skin, nerve, organ tissue, one has to be focused in what one is looking for. Looking around, besides and out of the object of interest and focus is an invitation to the world of confusion.

Observing under a fluorescent microscope need much care. Green, red, yellow, blue fluorescing objects are very much attractive for distraction.
The point her is, contaminations, artifacts and inclusions which can take many forms and kinds can come from the oil, the cover slip, the slide, the mounted object for observation or even from the lenses if not cleaned thoroughly.

When observing an object under magnification of 10X, 100X or 1,000X, many things from the above sources can come to view. Unexpected, hard to explain, oval/circular(air bubbles), coagulations, fibers with look like tubes, shreds of garment looking artifacts etc can come to view.

Industrial products, the vax, the point of interest here, can have contaminations of all sorts through the process of production. The nucleotide product(mRAN) which goes through a lot of genetic engineering, the fat molecules, the adjuvant, the bottles etc can have contaminates. When the material sits for some time after opening, can bread many organisms from the environments, If it is real from the vax, many of them, not one or two would have been visible in only one field of vision, without hunting many fields of vision for long.

The question in this examination is, are we looking for the right thing? Are we trapped in contaminations from many sources? Are we looking for artifacts, inclusions, contaminates? which many appear to be from what is presented. OR is it part of the jab for an evil end? All are the judges. They can’t be that fools to put something that visible for all to see.

II. What if!

After all these messages from the Lord, when the world is told not to take the jab, when warned it is a poison, when alarmed it can alter the genetic make up of humans, when advised it will eventually lead to sickness and death, carnal as well as spiritual death, when warned it is the way to “The Mark of the Beast” why go into this mess observing under a microscope looking for the uncertain and unknown? Those who took the jab took the risk of whatever follows after taking it. If death can bee seen under the microscope, all would have seen it without going further this long a distance. The children of the Lord have seen that it is death long before it came.

III. Distraction.

At this point of time, when there is much to do and focus on preparation to be ready for what is coming, it is easy to be distracted and be a joy for the enemy.
Just before 9/11, the talk of the whole country was the girl which disappeared in thin air. May thought she has an “affair'” with a congressman. The TV were giving this news a lot of coverage. After 9/11, there was no mention of the girl, even today.

The same here. We are distracted by what doesn’t matter much. When the calamities strike, all we concentrated on now will become completely relevant.

Don’t Be Deceived!

Distraction is one of the weapons of the enemy!

Repent! Repent! Repent!

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