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Mexican Military: Actions Against Americans – Immanuel Acree

Mexican Military: Actions Against Americans

Dec 17, 2019 5:04 PM
Immanuel Acree

I am not sure why this dream was about a flight over the west USA desert and to the border of Mexico, but that is what I saw from the vantage point of a passenger airliner seat. I also took a photo out the window of the desert. [Yet I never fly to the west; I am from the east coast].

After we landed at the border, the Mexican military in body armor carrying large automatic rifles boarded the plane and escorted Mexico-bound passengers off. The rest of us had to stay seated. Then they dropped small fist-sized rocks at our feet (those of us staying on the US side), in each aisle, before letting us deplane. This runway was in the desert with no terminal so the passengers were getting off onto a runway and walking in carefully controlled single-file lines out toward the fence.

End of Dream

One thing is apparent, that the Mexican military were discriminating and drawing a huge difference between who was living on which side of the border. They placed stones at our feet which indicates “Stumbling Stones”. I am not sure why this dream came to me except to warn any American or America-affiliate who is interested in going to Mexico or trusting in the Mexican government. They are not our allies.


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