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Messages for This Time

March 16, 2023 3:32 PM

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Trying to Make Sense of it All

All are here trying to make sense of what is currently happening upon this planet. Most of it, from day to day, makes little sense. We wonder who controls the narrative and why are they in charge.

Everything will flip on a dime, now. What was, will not be. What you thought was headed in one direction will take a diametrically opposite position. Many will start to praise me and worship me. Song, dance and laughter will permeate the lands. Wrongs will be righted, and hate will become love. For those who see the Kingdom of God, will become, that Kingdom.

Each will still have their own free will, but many will know the right way from the wrong way.
I will give everyone an incredible chance to find their way to me. As this happens, the enemy will get extremely frustrated and make even more mistakes. I will be here to guide you into my Kingdom, if that is your wish. Watch as the tides start to turn into the right path. Watch as this world changes now!

Glory of God

My wishes are that all people will see the glory of God. That they will make me first in all things they do. When they wake up, when they are driving, when they are doing the dishes and before they sleep, make me their priority. I am waiting for the masses to change and know I Am God.
Soon the whole atmosphere will change. All will know who I Am. I will not be a myth, an afterthought but will be exalted and be known by all, as the creator. I am ready for change, just like you, too much time has gone into warnings which most have not heeded. We are at a precipice of now and future, merging. We are ready for change. Most will find my kingdom very refreshing. The last few years on Earth have been difficult. But now is the time to separate the harvest into bundles. The time to get to this point has been long and exhaustive. Things will now continue forward.

Be The Light in This Darkened World

My light shines within those who follow me and my brightness. I Am is the truth, the way, and the life. I Am there to lead the way and show you the correct path, the less used way (road).

Be the light in this darkened world. Show who I am thru you. Be there to help others when no one else will. Your light lights up the path for others. Without you leading the way, the path can’t (may not) be seen. Illumination is needed for many to find their path and their direction in life.

A New Home in Heaven Awaits Them

I love the humanity I created. I long for them to make it into heaven. I wait for them ALL to wake-up. I know they are almost ready to make that leap from the fence into my eternity. I smile as I see them lined up all moving to my side (of the fence). Joy abounds and the angels sing. My harvest is soon forthcoming. I wait patiently as I see them coming my way. Love abounds for all of them. Their new home in heaven awaits them. Glory, faith, love, beauty and peace is here waiting to fill their souls.

It’s time to start the Harvest. My chosen, yet few, are ready to take their places. They have been trained and outfitted with armor and ready to go to work. We will prevail in this battle for souls. We ARE the victors!

All Together in Unison

There is a handful of people who are in unison with their creator. They know that I Am is with them, at all times, and lives within them. They are thankful for the time that is spent in prayer, reading my Holy word, talks we have together and doing works (yes, I said works), for the Kingdom. Each of them knows I belong in their lives and count on me daily.
Now is the time for you to shine. Now is the time for people to be drawn to me thru you. You are the conduit that will connect the lost to the living. You are their lifeline and rescue.

Each will have assignments. There will be no confusion or misunderstandings. All will work in unison with me. You will be kept busy with extremely rewarding works.

I love you all and appreciate the dedication you have shown for my Kingdom.
The curtain is starting to open. Be ready.

Things are About to Start

Many have been waiting for a long time for the show to begin. Some of my chosen have been waiting 20 years, some 10, some 5 and some more and some less. They have waited patiently and have wondered when things would commence.
It is time now, to get ready for what is to happen upon the Earth. My chosen will be given much honor thru my continence (light-Psalm 4:6). They will represent me to the fullest and show my love for all thru their actions.

I want all who participate in the Harvest to be ready for the most fulfilling work of their life. They will have glorified bodies to do their work unhampered. Each will do amazing feats that can only be classified as special effects (as in the movies). Be ready for a ride of a lifetime.


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