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Message to the Firstfruits And to America – Sammy Omosh

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Message to the Firstfruits And to America

October 28, 2022 4:48 PM
Sammy Omosh
Rev14:14Then i looked and behold a white cloud and seated on the cloud,one like a son of man with a golden crown on his head and a sharp sickle in his hands.15[b]Put in your sickle and reap for the hour to reap has come. 

I believe the season in heaven has shifted and the End time clock has struck precisely midnight.The End time events will begin to happen in rapid succession at the Earthly appointed time. Remember everything is released in the Heavenly realm first, before it is released in the Earthly realm. According to Heavenly time- Time is over! With discernment I can tell not much time is left based on our Earthly calendar.

{a} In a revelation on 22/2/22 at 5.10am,

The Lord opens my spiritual ears to listen to an heavenly song.It’s like iam wired to listen to the chorus content of that song that went like this-


The song sounded like it was sang by the legendary gospel singer Jim Reeves,going by the melody.As this was going on,in that vision,i saw people swimming on the beach,oblivious of what was transpiring on this other side.Interestingly,i was made aware it is late morning on a Sunday and people should head to Church.Almost instantenously,i was caught up in a vision where i saw a few Remnants dressed up in matching outfit and wearing polished glittering shoes, ready to go to the Assigned task.

On 26/2/22 by voice while asleep i heard ”The harvest is now ready”.

On12/10/22 I saw a long line of people heading towards a place.[A repeat dream i highligted last year in my 2part series-The journey is coming to an end.]It,s now time for the ready harvest to be plucked.Repent and pray always to be accounted wortthy for this Noble upcoming task.May Jesus the Son of God and the Lord of harvest be eternally glorified.Iam astonished a person next to me is talking on phone loudly planning to attend a beach party!This is even as iam typing this!  {b}America-Now here it comes!

On 25/10/22 i wake up at 5:31am from a dream vision in which in which i find myself in an interstate highway in the US.I then see many cops on the scene with police cars dotting the scene.A section of the Highway is broken off completely from the Edge.There is an ongoing exercise of Evacuation going on,conducted by these people looking like militay cops.Their head/boss is giving orders to others and he is talking pretty fast as if rapping.It,s a chaotic scene,even amongst the Evacuees themselves-A scenaio of ”Every body for himself”.This could be an imminent attack or a sudden natural disaster of a mega proportion!

In 2014 i saw for the very first time in a night vision AMERICA GOING TO SLEEP-A Lights out event so to speak.I was standing near the Statue of Liberty in that scene.I knew very well it,s not the 3dds event.

Then in August 2015,in a night vision again i saw myself helping some needy folks around the Apple city{NYC} and i clearly heard the holy spirit saying by voice-”MANHATTAN”.This coming Event will have a ripple effect on other Nations as well,since the US is ‘at the head of the table ‘Economically, Militarily, politically, Technologically and even spiritually-Usa has send many missionaries around the world and covers the entire Earth with christian satellite TV. America is the Land of the free-and many people from every Nation,based on language,culture,religion and race live and worh here in America.This is the good side of America that is rarely talked about in our circles anymore.[Yes i know that judgment is coming to the land,but we should still intercede for America,the way Gordon Robertson does everyday on 700 club in his daily Telecast.]This Event will reverberate like tidal wave on the World,s Financial system[I talked about The coming financial collapse on this platform at the end of February2022 on this very platform.]This is no doubt ‘a signal,curtain raiser, precursor or a prelude to other Subsequent Events to come.I still wonder if this is the much anticipated”kickoff event”or Still did i find myself in Califonia,Newyork city,or even Florida in this Critical Vision?But one thing i know is that ‘Sudden storm arrives on the shores of your land pretty soon’. Job9:23:When disaster brings sudden death,He mocks at the calamity of the innocent. Esther4:14{b}And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Psalm119:123My eyes long for your salvation and for the fulfillment of your Righteous promise.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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