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Message: The Sword Descends / Vision: The Antichrists – Only A Grain of Sand

A Message From Jesus Christ The Lord Messiah & A Vision From The Past

June 1, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand


1. Message: The Sword Descends
Job Chapter 19 Verse 29
“Flee then from the face of the sword, for the sword is avenger of iniquities: and know ye that there is judgment.”

I AM the Sword of Justice & Judgment. The day is here before you. It dawns and will proceed anon. Once begun it will not be stopped. Some things can be mitigated if you pray, from the heart.

Many of you have followed messages, from My Watchmen & Watchwomen for many years, wondering when it shall all come about? Remember, Noah worked for 100 years on the Ark, in full knowledge, of what was to come. But the mockers & scoffers gaped in horror, when the floods came and washed them all away. “Fool,” they had cried, but Noah worked on until the day he entered-in.

I AM calls all of you My Children, with eyes to see and ears to hear, to make your final preparations. NOW! For when the signal sounds there will be no turning back. The door of the Ark will be closed to all who were deaf to My Words, Warnings, Admonishments, Advise, Preparation, Encouragement, Instructions, Edification, Pleadings, Patience, Works & Wisdom.

Job suffered losses beyond what most humans could conceive. Still he accepted My Holy Will, and did not curse his God. Can you do the same? No Man will be unscathed in what comes upon you all. Remember I AM knows what you can each bear, what is in your hearts & minds. Be true to your God! Be true to yourself! Fear Not!

Your leaders are all madmen, bent on destruction. Do not trust these monsters, who have traded their eternal souls for a dish of rancid lentils (Esau), swallowed with a measure of vinegar & gall (bitterness).

Look to Me, accept my plan and path for your lives. Choose your God, not a dying world with putrefaction, that is a packaged lie, painted in a false reality of progress, “all will remain the same,” and “life goes on”. It is finished. Enter My Ark, My Sacred Heart Now & Live Forever with your God.
Jesus Christ The Messiah

Further Scriptural Reference

1 John Chapter 1 Verses 17 & 18
17. “And the world passeth away, and the concupiscence thereof: but he that doth the will of God, abideth forever.”
18. “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard Antichrist cometh, even now there are become many Antichrists: whereby we know that it is the last hour.”

2. Vision Of The Antichrists

Many years ago I was sitting in a car, driving down a small suburban street, in my hometown. I turned to my right, to look out the passenger side window, in the front seat of the car. To my amazement, I was given a momentary vision, in broad daylight, of men lined up in military parade form, standing at attention. They were all staring out a front-room window at the street, from this small brick house. Like statues, they all were the so-called great men of history.

But these men were all evil incarnate, and had caused the deaths of millions. Although we passed the scene momentarily, it has stayed with me my whole life. I told no one, it was too weird. Their names are lauded even today, but they have all gone to their reward: Hitler, Napoleon, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Caesar, Robespierre, Nero, Caligula. There were some I did not recognize, but they were all prototypes of the Antichrist!

The Antichrist will soon be revealed for all to see! Those that follow him will end up with him in the lake of fire for eternity!


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