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message: rapture & suffering – Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth Marie

May 4, 2018

message: rapture & suffering

On May 4, 2018, while praying, I had a prayer vision. In this vision I saw JESUS sitting on the white rock. He had a gold sash around HIS waist and HIS sandals on.

Suddenly HE got up and with arms extended sideways, HE started twirling around in complete joy, like a child does when playing. I was quite shocked to see HIM do this, because there have been so many times that HE has been so sad and troubled. Then HE then grabbed my hands and together we twirled around like school-aged kids! It was such a happy feeling that I haven’t felt for awhile!

When we stopped, I asked HIM:

“What is this all about — why are you so happy, LORD?

JESUS replied:

“Because we are coming to the end soon and MY BRIDE will be with ME.

She cannot even fathom what she has waiting for her. No words will describe the glorious reunion as well as all that I going to give her!

The time is coming – the time is soon, MY BELOVED! I will be calling all of you home to live forever with ME. The GREAT SNATCHING AWAY that is talked about in MY WORD will occur. All who love me will be with ME! It is a condition of the heart, not the mind, not your works.”

(Then I saw a very talI, slender basket that JESUS went and opened. Out flew hundreds and hundreds of butterflies. The only color that I noticed was a shiny, metallic, silver-blue color fluttering up towards the sky.)


“You will fly up like these little ones to great freedom and purpose. You will sing praises to the FATHER and will feel such tremendous love.

All that is spoken about in MY WORD will happen, for all needs to be fulfilled. No more sadness, no more tears is what is waiting for MY BRIDE. This is soon, so do not give up hope.

First more testings are coming your way. It will crucify the flesh, but if MY BRIDE keeps her eyes on ME, she will make it through them. I will be with her every step of the way holding her hands in the times of sufferings.

Suffering must come to purify, cleanse and bring humility. As I have told you, Daughter, this life is a BIG TEST. With it you will receive your golden ticket into MY KINGDOM.Wear suffering like a BADGE OF HONOR because that is how we see it from above.My people, I tell you do not be discouraged at what seems like MY delay. Do you know that MY timing is perfect as I am perfect? Do you not trust in MY FATHER’s plans? Some think they know when I am coming, but I say that they are wrong, because they are not GOD the FATHER. Only HE knows the exact day! However, REJOICE, because we are close…..closer than close! Let this alone encourage your hearts, My beloved!” End of message

After the message, the vision continued into a field where I saw JESUS more joyous than ever! HE was now reaching down on the ground and picking up what looked like gold dust (I really couldn’t tell) and throwing up into the air. It too, floated upward! I truly don’t think I have ever seen such joy!

What I felt in my spirit, as I was watched, was that JESUS is MORE EXCITED ABOUT US COMING HOME than we are at going home!!! What an amazing revelation of how much our BRIDEGROOM longs for HIS BRIDE!

SAINTS OF GOD, REJOICE, for you are that BRIDE!!!


Psalms 112



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