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Message: Planet X – Melissa Hall

Melissa Hall

I would like to share this message from My journal. There will be some that might not agree or say that this does not exist. That’s okay.
The Lord is confirming in this message below that it does; and you will see many other things revealed in the coming days. As with all things please bring it before the Lord in prayer to seek His truth.

I received this message on February 12, 2019

I was watching a video on YouTube about Planet X debris causing snow that doesn’t melt and the Lord began to speak

“This is My Planet. This is My Destroyer. This is what I will use to bring judgement upon My people. Didn’t I create all things? Didn’t I say I will use all things for the good of those who have been called and chosen by Me?
( Romans 8:28)

Can’t I use this on those that are not of Me in hopes that they will come back? Many are proclaiming My truths. They will know to where, whence it came when these things occur. For I have raised up My Prophets and Watchmen in this hour. Ones who won’t back down and will stand ready at My command.

Planet X was not originally a rogue planet but there are many things still unknown about the events in history. These are not written plainly in My Word. But only revealed by My Holy Spirit to the ones who are seeking and digging. To them will I reveal and start to open My Word and help them dissect the truth.

Then the Lord began giving me a message for someone. I won’t share that part because it’s personal but this last part of the message you need to hear. The Lord speaks

“Many things you think are caused by the people; when there are some things that are just consequences of what they have caused. Things I have used and allowed for My purpose. My plan. My plan is going according to My Will for all people. Every piece of the puzzle has been strategically placed. For I know what the next move is. The enemy tries to play this game of wit with Me. He thinks he knows Me but I am all-knowing, ever changing.”

Definition: ever changing- constantly changing or developing.

He continued to speak. “ With each level I take you to you must conquer certain challengers or tasks that I have set before you. It is not hard My child. I will give you what you need to get thru to the next level.

The key to these doors is = TRUST.
This is where the real work needs to be done.


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