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Message From Lord Jesus Christ Concerning The Papacy – S.H.G. / paulbr75

Message From Lord Jesus Christ Concerning The Papacy

June 9, 2021 6:59 AM

Given on February 8, 1990


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I bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus of Nazareth, the God of love, the God that died nailed to a cross for love of you speaks to you.

I am speaking to you, because I want to talk to your hearts. Therefore, incline your ears and listen to My words, so that, in this hour of darkness that reigns in the world and in the hearts of My sons, they will be a light for you and for the Church. Today I am going to talk to you about the Papacy.

The Church that I founded began very small, hated, persecuted and martyrized. There were many martyrs in the beginning and, at its birth, there were blood, tears and pains. My Church began with much pain and suffering. At that time, the Jewish Church that crucified Me died. They did not love My Father or their Messiah. For this reason, the One God, the God of Love repudiated them, and Jerusalem fell into the hands of their enemies, and the Temple was destroyed. Many Israelites died, other were sold into slavery. From that moment, they were dispersed over the whole earth. They were condemned to not have a country, peace or king. Their shame and reprobation were made known to all the nations.
Then the Jewish nation and its Church were destroyed. Its name from that time on would be an object of reprobation and contempt wherever they went, for having been the slayers of God. They will remain like that until they believe in Me, in the God that their fathers crucified.

My Church began small and hated. But little by little, It began to grow, because I helped it to flourish, and My sons began their sanctifying work in the world. Free at last of these disturbances, the Church began its task of salvation. However, the devil, furious over this great success, placed obstacles, and waited in ambush, and annoyed them to make them fall, raised enemies against them. The Church would have to be victorious for many centuries over the heresies and scandals, that would come to oppose the way of the salvation of man.

The devil stirred up these afflictions, making it necessary that, by their existence, there would be a constant fight in order to face so many infernal enemies. But, to face these devils, the Church counted on Its priests, holy men who would be in charge of teaching the truth, and to influence the practice of virtues with their exemplary life, prayers and sacrifices, and their love for Me. However, this was not always like this. Because, when the first sons died, with their holiness, with their ardor, with their sacrifice and their love for Me, they evaded the ambushed of the devil, and did not allow the evil to enter into My Church. That way they remained, in the light, because seeing their ardor and love, I protected them and always helped them to keep My Church holy and clean. But when those sons of mine died, others came with pagan ideas, that did much harm to My sons. Those who came after were not strong, and they did not let the Holy Spirit guide them, and they succumbed into the hands of the devil.

Some popes were not popes but antipopes, because they did not love the Church, they did not protect It, take care of It, or serve It. Instead they caused It many harms.

Some of My sons behaved like rebellious children, and guided My people with pride and disobedience. They made no effort, and did not pray with humility. They forgot to be humble and sagacious, and they laughed at My warnings. There have been many schisms, because My sons forgot to pray and to ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten them. However, I love them, and did not forget them. With great love I sent Him to them.

But these popes, with their pride and arrogance, did not want to listen to me. They refused to listen to the Holy Spirit that spoke to them through weak instruments, be they man or woman. How many weak instruments have I sent with the mission to counsel and guide these My sons? Some listened, others no. But those that listened were humble and obedient, and with their humility and obedience, they did not permit the devil to destroy My Church. But those who were not humble and obedient to My Voice opened the door to traitors to me, and by doing this, they were converted into antipopes.

I want to talk to you about this word, because many of my sons do not have a Clear understanding of this word, and it confuses them. An antipope is not one who overthrows another pope. The true concept of an antipope is this: Any son of Mine who is a pastor of My Church and turns against Me and against My Doctrine, and harms the rest of My children is an antipope.

Some popes have died in mortal sin, because they did not want to be humble and obedient to My Voice. Many people say: “Impossible! The popes are assisted by the Holy Spirit.” Yes, they are assisted by the Holy Spirit. But, if they refuse to listen to My Voice, the Holy Spirit departs from them, and leaves them at the mercy of their rebelliousness and their concupiscence. These same sins, when they are not confessed with the intention of not sinning again, are what impede them from seeing and listening.

I have demonstrated to them throughout many centuries with without Me they cannot rule, they cannot guide My people along the right path, and they cannot do anything. I left My Church in the hands of men, so that they could teach My Holy and pure Doctrine to My children. But in these times, they have introduced false doctrines, that deceive My children, and they lead them to an apostasy from My true Doctrine.

Concerning My sons the popes, I have always spoken to them in different ways, through various seers and prophets, and I have spoken to avoid error. I have often spoken to, but they did not pay any attention to Me. Sons, the time, the time has been shortened considerably, because the wheat and the weeds have matured and are ready for the harvest. That is the end of Time.

In the history of the popes, there have been good popes and bad popes. There have reigned very holy popes, however, there have existed antipopes, and what does this mean? It means that some of My sons let themselves be seduced by the devil. They forgot that they were living members of the One and Holy Church. They forgot that they were living members of My Church.

The Church is a vine. And this vine is I, I who nourish My sons. I am the true vine and My Father is the husbandman, and all the branches that do not bear fruit I will cut off, and those that bear fruit I will prune, so that they will bear more fruit.

My sons are the branches. And he who remains in Me, and I in him, will bear much fruit. But he that does not remain in Me will be cast out, just like the branches that dry up, and die, and serve no purpose but to be thrown in the eternal fire.

It was for this reason that I pointed out to them that they should be alert, because the devil is waiting to ambush them, and will catch them unprepared, even though I have always alerted them by means of My apparitions.

The popes, bishops, priests, nuns and laymen could not silence this great truth that I stated throughout the centuries, and that is, that A POPE IS NOT INFAILLIBLE, IF HE REMAINS UNITED TO ME, BECAUSE IT WILL BE THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT SPEAKS THROUGH HIM. But if he is not united to Me, he will be just like any man subject to error and subject to changes. This great truth cannot deny, even if they wanted to.

The confusion that now reigns in My Church is a sign, because when I prayed in Gethsemani, I took Peter and the other disciples, so that they could accompany My during My sorrow. They did not accompany Me, because they fell asleep, and could not pray. I prayed and prayed, while My disciples slept. When I saw Peter sleeping, I said “Simon, are you sleeping? Could you not be vigilant one hour? Be vigilant and pray, so that you do not enter into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” I prayed again. And when I returned, I found them asleep. Their eyes were heavy with sleep, and they did not know what to answer Me. I left them, and I went again to pray for the third time. And later I said, “Sleep now and rest, because now the hour is st hand. And I am going to be delivered into the hands of sinners.”

Peter is a figure of the first pope. As a pope, he represents others who will come to occupy My Church. And while he slept with the others, Judas worked to deliver Me to the enemy. But I prayed to My Father for this Church, so that It would be victorious in this great battle. At that moment, I did not call Peter, Peter, but Simon, because I still did not consider him pope.

He had to be tested, before he could be called “Rock.” Peter as everyone knows denied Me three times. And I allowed this, so that men could see the Mercy of the Lord, so that they comprehend that if Peter could deny Me, what would the popes that followed him be like. If Peter denied Me, Who instructed him, having given him My love, and treated him as My friend, and yet if he denied Me, what would become of those popes to whom I would not manifest Myself so openly?

That Peter could deny Me was permitted, so that men would comprehend that popes were men like any other, with their defects, problems, doubts, and above all, for their great absence of love for Me, and also to demonstrate that, in the Church, there would be human popes, so human that some would be haughty and proud, others weak and cowards, but also some saintly and holy.

The incident of Peter signifies two important happenings, the beginning of a time and the end of another time. Peter is here the figure of the pope at the beginning and end of times, and represents a pope that sleeps, a Church that sleeps, while the enemy works to destroy It. And I pray to the Eternal Father for Her. And I also pray, because the pope and his collaborators are sleeping, sleeping soundly without being aware that, while they are sleeping, the devil is working to snatch souls away from them, and to destroy the Church. And for this reason, I said, “Pray and be vigilant, because you do not know the hour. Pray, pray, so that you do not enter into temptation.”

They did not pay attention to Me. They abandoned prayer and penance and, by abandoning them, became an easy prey for the devil. Because he found them sleeping, and then easily planted the weeds in My Church, planted confusion and sin. My sons, because they were soundly asleep, did not put up any resistance.

The popes, priests, bishops, cardinals and nuns and pastors were sleeping and, for this reason, were not aware when the devil was introduced into the Church, and caused so many disorders. Because these are so great, if they do not repent and rectify their error, they will be condemned.

This passage is being repeated, because just as Peter denied me at that time, John Paul II also denies Me.

Blessed are those who are not scandalized by My words, because today I am going to tell you the truth. My beloved children, open up your eyes, observe the times, evilness has entered the Church. John Paul II has denied Me, when he unites with the impious and places idols in My Church. For this reason, the punishment cannot be avoided, because he, as My vicar, can see to it that My children repent, and that way, many, many, of My children can be saved. But he did not listen to Me not does he change his ways.

My sons the popes and priests and pastors do not see the evil that they introduced into the Church – they do not see it. And it takes them on a course that I, their divine Founder, did not set for them. It takes them on a road to apostasy, because they have changed My Holy Doctrine that I deposited in My Church.

Beloved children, you must listen to Me, and comprehend that the Time is ending, and that the great Punishment that I have announced through various seers is coming nearer. Listen to My anguished call, because the Antichrist is about to manifest himself to the world, and he will sit on my throne, because many of his followers are governing the Church, and are the ones who are preparing the Church for his coming.

Those that are responsible for taking care of the Church fell asleep, and the devil took advantage of their great negligence, and planted evil. And this evil – it is harming all humanity.

The Church will always be in danger. And this this the age when they should be very careful, and should conduct themselves with much prudence, so that they don’t fall into error and, guided by the Holy Spirit, see where the danger is, and then avoid it.

This is the age when the devil shall be introduced. I stated this in the Bible, but they did not understand. They laughed at these prophesies, and rejected then and,by doing this, caused the ruin of the Church. Well, the devil is destroying the Church, and they are not aware of it. The priests and pastors or any other person, who knows what is happening and speaks, are silenced. And by doing this, they are helping the devil, so that everything is done easily.

The evil began when man, including the consecrated, forgot God, and acquired strange doctrines, and some even rebelled against God. They supported human wisdom, and rejected the wisdom of God. They abandoned Me in order to follow a dream, to dispute, and they began to commit error after error. They did not want to understand or implore the Holy Spirit. And little by little they began falling into a profound darkness.

The devil has always wanted to destroy the Church, because he knew that, with the Church on earth, many souls would escape his hands. Therefore, he took advantage of the pride and vanity of men, and he inspired strange atheistic doctrines to cause their ‘great’ fall. The first to fall into the net were the men who were far from Me, the ‘sinful’ men. Because of their sins, they did not see the evil that hung over them. It began to multiply to the great joy of the devil and to the great sorrow for Me.

There were born with dreadful horror in the world doctrines of impious philosophers, that little by little caused the spiritual death of my sons, and not only them, but of all humanity. The devil, triumphed with the help of man that introduces doctrines to My sons. This where the great contamination begins. Humanity accepts these impious doctrines, and it makes them forget about their divine origin, the spiritual and holy life that I gave them as a model of perfection, in order to acquire a material, obscure and empty life.

The progress and growth of evil in the world and in the Church was growing, but My ingenious sons were slow to react. They did not recognize the grave danger that they were in. Their inertia did not stop the evil in time. The people were surrounded by a total indifference of ideas, of a false modern liberty that is fatal to their souls. The evil grew and grew, because My sons, instead of correcting themselves and abandoning sin, they bound themselves to it. Evil will advance so much that it will depopulate the holy people.

The progress that the terrible impiety makes, the secret societies, modernism, communism and the evil governs the world conspire to depopulate and destroy the Church. But not one of My sons the popes obeyed. No one listened to the warnings, causing, by despising them, the ruin of souls. The evil came, because they did not want to listen to My warnings that were always communicated to My sons. But with their pride, they always despised them.

The evil has grown so much that now, in order to survive this great catastrophe and not to lose the faith before so much evil, one needs an intrepid faith. Because now My true children need this faith to oppose the attacks of the wicked, and to be able to continue living in the grace of God. Because the war left many grave wounds in the Church and in the world.

Many more of My children lost the faith, and they went sorrowfully and disillusioned in a different direction from the good way. Today I do not reign in the Church. What reigns is corruption and boundless liberty.

My sons sleep while My enemies destroy souls. For this reason, I said to Peter during My First Coming, when I asked him what the people said about who I was. He answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God”. I said, “Blessed are you, Simon, because it is not flesh or blood that has revealed this to you, but My Father Who is in the heavens. I say to you that you are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. I said this, because, even though the devil would make war against Me, he would not triumph. But what this means is that there will be a fight, a struggle, a division. This division and all these struggles are necessary, so that My true sons are made known, and that the true sons and daughters of God shine with a greater light.

The priests and pastors do not understand these words. But why would I leave these words written for My sons, if they would not be of use to them? When I said this, I made the reference that there would be a great battle in which the devil and I would fight for the Church. This is why I said, “Hell will not prevail,” which means to say he will not better Me, he will not win, and he will not triumph. So that there is a victor and a loser, there must be a fight. Nobody can deny that is the way it is.

When I made the promise to Peter, the first pope, that Hell would not prevail in My Church, I said it is to the soul and not the body or, as in this case, the building. Because the devil will always attack the body, the visible and material building which men can see, and this is the Vatican. However, the devil cannot attack the soul, because I sustain and protect it. This is the Church that will triumph at the End of Time through My Most Holy Wounds.

The whole world will see this triumph, which will be rejoicing to My true children, and shame and reprobation for all those who believed they were serving Me, but rather served the devil. When they verify their error, they will wish that they had never been.

How dreadful this Day will be for those priests, bishops and cardinals, nuns, laymen, pastors and popes who forgot their sacred duties, because they distorted My words and warnings! They did not want to comprehend that the Church My Spouse would have a test of loyalty and love. With the passing of this test, the victory would come. But without the test, there could not be a triumph.

A Great Tribulation, such as never before has been seen, awaits the Church. I Left The Vatican. I will show the world My true Church, because where I am, My Church will be. And I will send Elias and Enoch, My two witnesses before the world. They will tell you where My true Church is, because I said that the gates of Hell would not prevail against Her. I am, and I will be with My true Church.

The whole world will see THE FINAL PERSECUTION OF MY HOLY CHURCH, the great persecution of My true children by the Antichrist, because the Church as the Spouse of Christ must prove Her love and faithfulness to Her God, to her Husband. She together with My children must give testimony of this love to the world. The true Church of God, the Church that I founded will be shown to the world. At that moment when it separates from the one that the world knows, My true Church will show Its true face, show Its true identity. This persecution will indicate the coming forth of this Church that will be called “SUFFERING” because It will bear on Its body and soul the wounds, the pains, the tears, and the sufferings of Her husband, the Master and Lord.

The Suffering Church will be manifest to the world, and the world will be divided into two, between good and evil. My children will be wheat or weeds. They themselves will decide.

It was to this true Church, the Suffering Church that I made the promise that the gates of Hell would not prevail against her, and that I would be with Her and Her children until the end of the world. I will comply with My promise, and I will not separate from Her or from Her children. I will, give Her the definite victory, and THE CHURCH WILL TRIUMPH,

When the world sees My true Vicar that I raise up to govern this Suffering Church, who will by Roman Peter II, and who will be pope who will govern his sheep during the many tribulations, the City of Seven Hills will be destroyed, and the tremendous Judge will render judgement of His people.

The Vatican will be destroyed because all of its sins and efforts converted the Church into an adulterous Church, into the Great Whore, and deserves to die, because it abandoned the true God, Her Husband, for the Antichrist. This must be severely punished.

With these revelations I show the world that the popes could have evaded all the catastrophes, but they did not want to listen to Me and in their great apostasy, they rebelled against My true sons and Me. But I will be with My Church, and I will defend and help Her to triumph. All those children who want to follow Me will be saved.

If you want to be saved, run from the idols. Run from the false doctrines that are confusing My children. Run from the pope who is not My true pope. Run from the false priests. Run from the false nuns. Run from the false Catholics. Run from Modernism. Run from Communism. Run from the Jews, the slayers of God. Run from the Apostate Church. Run from the Antichrist. Run, if you do not want to be marked and numbered with those who will rise up against the true Christ.

I, Jesus your God, tell you this, and I am the Truth and the Life, and I would never deceive you.

Destroy the false doctrines that are now in your hearts, and are ow the fashions of the Church. Do this before these false doctrines destroy you completely. This call is urgent, very urgent, because now the Wrath and Justice of the Eternal Father is nearing the earth in order to punish the world and the Church for their iniquities, and to give each one his due according to his works.

Pay attention to this call, which is urgent. If you have not wanted to do it before, do it now, because afterwards, it will be too late.

The pride and arrogance of My sons makes them reject the Holy Spirit. Their disobedience towards Me makes them blind, deaf and dumb. And this is why they fell into the hands of the devil. For this reason, much wickedness awaits them, in the future, the proud and haughty Jews will be exalted. They will humiliate the true children of the Church of God, and the dream of the Jews to have power and glory over the world will become a reality. They were the chosen people of God, but God rejected them. He took away the Kingdom of Heaven from them. But they did not accept their great loss, and carry on their shoulders the curse of being the slayers of God.

They are still waiting for their messiah, a messiah not like Me, but a messiah to their liking, a worldly god, and a powerful conqueror who with only one word dominates all the men in the world. Due to their arrogance, the triumph that they desired and wished for will be permitted. But this triumph will not come from Me. Because their hour is coming nearer, We permitted them to unite and form a nation.

When the hour for them sounds, they will be given the triumph, and they will have the messiah they desired and waited for. He will make them powerful, because the demonic power will enter into them, and they will obtain their messiah, the one that they desired for so long. Him they will accept.

I’m going to continue speaking, because My people must know the truth, even if they do not ant to listen to Me. I will keep speaking, and continue pointing out what is false. I do not get tired of talking and warning My sons, because a Great Chastisement is coming to the world for having apostatized from My Doctrine.

Look, My children this is the reason why the Jewish Church was repudiated. They were repudiated for apostatizing from the teaching of the Lord. They fell into many sins that awakened the Wrath of the Eternal Father. They did not accept Me as their Messiah, as their God, and they were punished for crucifying Me. This is a truth that cannot be denied.

Dear children, very horrible days are coming to the world. Rome will be left to chance, just as one day they cast lots for My clothing. The Church will be confused. The world will be agitated. Heed My supplications, listen to My word, and take notice that times are coming when the Angels will arrive and separate the good from the bad. I will bring the good, those that obeyed Me, into the Kingdom of Heaven. The bad I will cast into Hell, and there will be weeping and lamenting about what they could have done, but did not do, about what they should have evaded, but did not evade.

Be alert, sons, because the Judgement of Nations is coming soon because of – their not wanting to recognize their true God, which is I, for having despised the true Messiah and His Sacrifice of the Cross. The Judgement against inhabitants of the earth is coming, because I am irritated against all nations, angry against all false and lying priests who destroy My true sons.

The day is coming when My sword will descend to purify the earth with blood and fire. Woe! For those who call truth a lie and the lie they call truth. Woe! For those who call what’s bitter sweet and what’s sweet is bitter, because in My Second Coming I will not be for them a Sweet Redeemer, but a Just Judge. Implore My Mercy now that there is still time. Evade all the calamities that are coming. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you. Do this, My sons, because if you don’t you will lament.

My people! My people! Don’t let them deceive you. Discern the times. Observe the Sings of the Times. Be advised that days are coming when you will be deceived. Because you do not want to listen, you will adore the Beast. And he who adores the beast will be condemned for all eternity.

You who are deceived, think you adore Me, but you are not. When you realize this, it will be too late. You will not be able to turn back. You will be counted among those who have rebelled against the true Christ.

My people, run from those that deceive you, from those who want to destroy you. Run! Run! Run! Before it is too late. Understand that predatory wolves have entered the Church, and they are the false priests and false pastors.

Read the Bible, and you will comprehend that the Antichrist will sit on My throne, and My throne is the Vatican. This this is why I make this call. My people, days are coming when you must know for certain if you are with Me or against me. But it is you that must freely choose if you want life or death. This is why God gave you the liberty to choose, and He put heaven or hell in your hands. You yourselves must decide. The choice is yours. Dear children, this is the truth. Blessed are those who are not scandalized by this truth, because the prophecies will be fulfilled, whether the people believe or not – the prophecies will be fulfilled.

My children, for you who love Me and remain firm in the faith and in My Doctrine, be happy and lift up your heads, because your redemption is approaching. I will send My two witnesses to help you support your cross in these difficult times. Blessed are all those who persevere and remain firm in My true Doctrine. Be alert. I am coming soon. But before I come, the wicked one, the son of the devil will manifest himself. And for this reason, be alert.

My dear people, I bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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