Message for The Remnant – Asha B

Message for The Remnant

May 18, 2020 6:51 PM
Asha B

Message received 18/05/2020

You are my child from the foundation of the world, before all came into being you have been my child. You have always been with me. You are a child of the Most High Yah. You have been chosen for such a time as this. You have been set apart from before the foundation of the world, you are my child.

You are of a chosen nation. You are a royal priesthood a peculiar person. You have been set aside for such a time as this. Your light has not fully shone in this world, for you have been hidden. But now is the time for my children to shine forth as I intended you to do.

My words are in my mouth and has gone forth this day. That my children shall now arise in my power, might and glory, to turn hearts back to me. My children shall shake the nations even kingdoms shall be shaken, by the awesome power of my children. You shall not go alone. I have set apart for all my children their numbers, even their pair to walk with them. You shall become one and walk even as one agreeing in all things, standing together even in my name. You are the two witnesses. My children shall witness two by two. You shall witness and testify of my words even of my coming, my return.

Many shall come to me, many more shall perish. Many millions upon millions shall be saved. The harvest for souls is here even begun, even as of this day. My children shall be lifted up to me, I shall put my words in your hearts, in your souls. I shall put my perfect peace. You shall walk in Holiness unto the Lord and none shall make you afraid. You shall do my great works and none shall flee from my mighty power.

The earth shall reel at the almighty power unleashed upon this earth. For my children will come also with judgments for the unbelieving and disobedient. Many shall turn their hearts towards me. My son shall come at the appointed time. I have sent you ahead to prepare the way. I have bestowed upon you the great spirit I bestowed upon Moses to bring my laws and Elijah to bring my judgments.

You shall light the path for my coming. The way shall be made clear. My children shall accomplish all I send them to do. None shall fail. You are all held in my hand, you are my children even my called out ones. I am now revealing you to the world. The veil has been rent. The eyes of the world I will now open to see my children. They ask for a sign. I will give them signs in the heavens and in the earth. None shall stand before you. I send you out in power, might and glory to light my way.

I am with you till the end of the world. Hear my voice.

Your Loving Father



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