Message for the month of october 2022 – Pierrick Triplet

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Message for the month of october 2022

October 21, 2022 5:08 AM
Pierrick Triplet

11th of october 2022

transcript : This is the message of the Lord of hosts. Eternal is my name and you have not known me oh nations of the world. I came the first time and was rejected by my people, the ones who were waiting for me.
My return is foreseen by the Father and this time no one will be mistaken because every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that I am the one sent by God, the one who atoned for the sins of the world, Christ your Lord. But before this terrible and glorious day, the calamities prophesied since always and especially by my prophet John will fall on this beautiful planet. Oh nations, do you not see that the pieces are falling into place on the chessboard? Do you not see that the adversary is already beginning to advance his pawns? Can’t you see that the game has been going on for a long time? Open your eyes, the eyes of your understanding and see! Look and be amazed! See the Lord deploying His forces in all His splendor, first hidden from all, then revealed to all in a great crash such as He has never had!

The last pieces will be in place during this month of October 2022, let he who has ears hear! The repentance of the people en masse will not avoid the scenes to come but the hour is near when personal repentance will become more and more difficult so much the suffering and the shock will be great! Turn away from your ungodly ways, embrace the gospel of Christ who is concerned about the eternal welfare of your soul unlike the devil who only wants your eternal destruction.
Forget the worries of everyday life by coming to your secret place each day to taste the delights of the truths I have prepared for you. Turn away from the lies that are all around you at every moment. Do you not see that despite the absence of chains you are in a worse situation than the people of Israel before they left Egypt? Don’t you see my people that you too have been deceived by the adversary? Contemplate your spiritual chains and come to me that I may set you free! The time will come when you will be captive physically but for now only worry about the bonds of sin and idol worship and lies that so easily encircle you.

Oh my people, depart from the world that hates you. And if it does not hate you as it hates me, then hate it as I have hated its ways and then the world will hate you also. For by this the disciple is known, he has but one master.

Choose today whom you want to serve, time is short. Break your idols of your own accord before I come to break this idolatrous world with wars, disasters, and my sword which is truth. Each one will be put on trial but this judgment can be a magnificent encounter if your heart oh my people, is a heart of flesh that lives for Me.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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