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Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin-

JUNE 3, 2019

God spoke to me about the end of America. Last night during the prayers online I kept hearing Mene, Mene, Tekel PharsinMene, mene. I said “Lord, am I under judgement. Have I done something?” Because I know that is not a good sentence. I got no answer but every few minutes and several times more as we continued the prayer- Mene, Mene, Tekel Pharsin.  So I thought, “This must be for study- God is telling me to study this passage”. I made a note of it: Daniel, the handwriting on the wall, I’ll read it before bed.

After prayers were done I refreshed the story [Daniel 5]– Belshazzar had a feast with his aides, governors, princes and concubines, and at one point of the party called for the holy objects of the temple to be brought so he and his guests could eat and drink from them. As they were doing this a hand appeared on the wall and wrote mysterious writing that no one could decipher, not even the highest diviners in the land. The queen recalled that Daniel the prophet was a wise man of God, and they called for him. Daniel read and interpreted the writing as Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin– You have been weighed, you have been found wanting, your kingdom this day is destroyed and divided, and given to another. That same night the king was murdered, the land invaded and Darius the Mede took power, thereby bringing two kingdoms, the Medes and the Persians to power.

After I finished reading, the following prophecy was given to me:

The American kingdom is at an end. Soon the Persians [Iranians] will come with their allies and destroy everything that can be destroyed. America will never be raised up as a nation again, she will be wrecked and looted. Everything of value that can be carried will be carried away to her destroyers’ abodes. America is destroyed from being a nation, there shall be nothing left of her but the ruins of what she once had. This nation will be depleted by war, then her end will come. For their insufferable abominations they will not be forgiven.

The Lord said the country will be divided, one side under water and one side under heat. I don’t know if this is natural heat, war heat, or heat from nuclear weapons, but He said intense, insufferable heat will prevail on one side of the country and the other side will sink and drown. [This could be indicative of the constant fires and flooding America has been dealing with on and off for two years now; these things will get steadily worse. It is also referring to fire and water disasters to come at a later time.]

Arrows will fill the sky of America, fire in all her major cities. I see arrows [nuclear weapons] coming down in all major cities of America, ’til the smoke of burning can be seen on the Google map monitor, Google earth. I’m not sure what Google app shows real time events but the smoke of the fires rising from America is visible even in the satellite imagery before me. I see the country burned and the people suffering terribly, and no one is coming to help. Their allies have abandoned them and the nation is all alone.

People will flee to the hills but they will not find any rest there. Even the beasts of the field will be against them, and take some of their number to an early grave. I see children and their parents out in the wild but there is no knowledge how to survive there, so they are perishing.

America is an abomination before Me, she has raised up her hands even to slap My face but I will return her insolence blow for blow. I am rejecting this nation even as she has rejected me, and even the presence of the righteous who are seeded in the land will not be enough to stop or delay her punishment. Let those who are with me stay faithful, gathering themselves to Me in prayer. I will protect my sheep. Let them cling to Me and believe in Me, and I will protect them.

But to the goats in the land: prideful, blasphemers, idolaters, vengeance seekers, those who say “I am god, I have no god, I know no god but science” I say: I Am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega. I am the God of all life, all flesh, and now I will requite myself on my constant enemy. Oh you America that once sang anthems of praise to Me, and called me the God of freedom, you now say I am a myth and defy Me. You tell children I am nothing- I am not real, I am not present. You tell them to use logic when they are afraid instead of teaching them I am the God of all comfort, who loves and comforts those who are afraid. You tell them I am just an idea some force on others, to deny them freedom? Now I will correct the imbalance, now I will balance the scales. Now I will shake you out like a man shakes out his garment against one who is cursed; I will direct My arrow at you and will not hold it back. I have placed it on the bow, and I will not hold it back. My arrow is toward the face of my strong and constant enemy, and I will not hold it back. 

So I see a man in middle eastern clothes, a voluptuous robe that has many folds of rich colour. It is a powder blue Nigerian agbada (traditional robe) with beautiful embroidery on it, but the colours and designs are from the Middle East. The man takes hold of his own clothes on both sides and shake out his robe in a vigorous way until some money, strange money I’ve never seen before- thick cut metal in the form of silver coins- goes flying from the folds of his robe and lands in the dust. This man has a very calm appearance, and I watch him shake out his robe ’til all the money flies out from him. Then he arranges his clothing and walks away without looking back.

Prophecy: Again I am declaring what was said to me, the judgement of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the nation of America. Always when I warn people I am told: “God wouldn’t do that! God is merciful, God will not do this if we pray”. YES, the Lord Jesus Christ is strongly calling us to prayer to save our souls, to warn those who don’t know Him, to seek His wisdom and protection before these things are fulfilled. ‘God who would not do that’ is also the author of Revelation, the One who drowned Pharaoh, the God who wiped out Sodom and flooded the earth to remove all traces of sin. He is GOD- merciful and long suffering, wise and just- but to be true to Himself HE CANNOT ALLOW UNREPENTANT AND GROWING SIN TO CONTINUE INDEFINITELY. There is always a cut off point in the Bible. I am sent to tell you there is also one in real life. Before the Bible became history, it was real life. The cut-off point is coming. Let us prepare and make sure we are standing on the side of faith, repentance and holiness. America’s judgement is set; God will not remove it (see above). 

Note: Disasters by fire, disasters by water. Nuclear weapons will be used on the cities. People will try to hide in the countryside but some will not know how to live there. America is insolent, full of abominations that have reached breaking point with Jehovah. War is coming to America. The nation will be looted. Her allies will separate themselves from her. The Lord will judge the wicked, but the righteous who trust in Him shall be saved.

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