Matthew 18:6 – Janet Jones Carpenter

Matthew 18:6

March 10, 2020 11:32 PM
Janet Jones Carpenter

Dream- Tuesday, March 10th- Awoke around 4:42 am

Although, the Lord mainly gives me dreams, sometimes he will give me a vision. Usually, I am made very well aware of the direction in the dreams and visions. Depending on what I have been given, I may or may not share my understanding of the dreams and visions.

Please understand I do not wish to gain notoriety, nor do I believe I am better than any other Child of God nor do I profess to be a prophetess. I am simply a Child of God who is trying to share a message I believe is from my Lord and Savior, Yeshua who is also called Jesus. There is great urgency in this late hour for saving the lost. All the mocking received is well worth it if a single soul is saved, even if that soul only be my own.


It was a sunny day, and guessing it was either just before Spring or Fall because the grass was of straw color and the leaves were not green.

My husband, children and I were on a piece of property my families use to own. In fact it was the land I grew up on. My husband and children were speaking to contractor’s and I was south of them by a few yards.

All of a sudden, out of the true line to the north of the property, a little boy came running towards us. The little boy had blonde hair and was wearing muddy blue jeans with a blue button front shirt. The boy appeared to be around 4 or 5 years of age. He ran non-stop past my husband and contractors and was yelling “They’re going to kill me”. When the little boy was about to run past me, I grabbed hold of him and picked up. He told me that the men had killed his parents, brother and sister and wanted to kill him because he knew what they had done. I asked the little boy if he believed in Jesus and he said “yes’. Then I told him to pray. I held him close to me as I began to run with him on an old path in the woods that led to my grandmother’s house. After running with him in my arms, I eventually reached a clearing (shell pit). The area was level and had straw colored grass on it. To the North, my left was the top of a hill with a tree line. For some reason I noticed a man with a rifle on his belly in the tree line. He had me and the little boy in his sights. I immediately turned to my right (South) and told the little boy to roll up into a ball on the ground. Then I laid over him as a shield to protect him from the shooter and told the little boy to pray to Jesus. I began to pray to Jesus too.

Soon, I heard the sound of horses and saw to my right (West) a posse of men on horses. There were probably about 12 or so and they looked as if they stepped out of the 1800’s. They were all wearing long leather coats, hats and had long rifles. My husband, children and contractors had had become very upset when they saw the posse chasing me and the little boy. So, they chased the after the posse. I looked back down and continued to pray.

All of a sudden, my whole body began to glow. I stood up and placed the little boy behind me and faced the posse. Then a continuous beam of light shot out of my mouth and eyes towards the posse. Jesus began to speak through me to the posse. This is what he said to the posse;

“Have I not told you that if you harmed one of my little ones, that it would have been better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and you to be dropped into the deepest waters because my punishment for harming one of my little ones will be far worse?”

Then out of my body, came a large light from my head to my toes that was in the form of a human. It was clear that it was Jesus coming through my body in a light form and not flesh. As Jesus walked towards the posse, I awoke around 4:42 am.

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