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Sep 18, 2019, 2:08 PM
Collins Ouma

I am appealing once more to fellow saints deep down from my heart that the chosen vessels, the Lord’s Remnants,The Elect they are under very very heavy attack ESPECIALLY HIS MOUTHPIECES AND WATCHMEN.Please pray for all intercessors and support them wherever you can.They are the SPECIFIC TARGET FOR THE ENEMY.I employ you fellow saints apart from following prophetic updates,dreams and dreams PLEASE TAKE TIME TO PERSONALLY PRAY,PRAY,PRAY FOR GOD’S WILL TO BE DONE AND HIS CHURCH TO LIFTED UP AND HIS SAINTS TO PROTECTED.I feel an urgency in my spirit to tell you something BIG,SUPERNATURAL,TREMENDOUS IS COMING UPON GOD’S TRUE SONS HERE ON EARTH AND THATS THE REASON OF INCREASED DEMONIC ATTACK AND INVASSION.

When I came home this evening I found my wife paralysed from her waist to her legs.She also had acute stomach pain and diarrhoead blood.Her head was aching so much.These same symptoms were on the wife of one of intercessory member of my team.we had to carry out emergency prayer warfare. As I am writing this i am nursing my wife as i pray and annoint her entire body. This comes because this morning we were dealing and binding DEMON BELLAROSA WHO WAS BUFFETING GOD’S SAINTS AND INTERCESSORS.

Please continue to remember our intercessory team in prayer devotions and groups fellowship.
May the good Lord bless you as you endeavour to pray for God’s true church to be unravelled in great power and glory.
Shalom fellow saints
Br Collins Ouma

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  1. Bert

    Prayers to the Great I AM on your behalf, dear brother for you and ALL who are a part of the ministry of the Most High in Kenya. From a sister in Texas, USA.


    Praying for you in TX.

  3. Nancy Trimble

    Prayers to you all, having similar symptoms here in Arkansas. Had been rough, need prayer here too.

  4. Br Collins

    Thank you fellow saints for your utmost prayers for the people of God in need and in dire persecutions.Praying for you #Nancy.God bless you all

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