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Massive Riots and Persecution Coming That Will Shock the Nation – Monique Bizet

Massive Riots and Persecution Coming That Will Shock the Nation

Monique Bizet

I have a word received July 3, 2019

The Lord keeps showing me visions of massive rioting and severe persecution of Christians coming to the USA and the Western Nations.
The Lord keeps telling me blow the trumpet to let people know to pray to pray against the massive destructive riots, bloody riots, deaths, looting, persecution that is going to break out throughout the nation.

Severe persecution is coming and we need to be prepared.

None of this is to put anyone in fear, I just want to blow the trumpet
We have to be prepared and be in prayer against this for this not to happen and for the Lord to have mercy.

Many blessings,
sister Monique

Auto Transcript

brothers and sisters I just want to blow
the trumpet the Lord keeps showing me
visions of massive massive rioting
rioting coming to the USA I know
the Lord keeps telling me blow the
trumpet let them know to pray to pray
against this okay there’s there’s
there’s massive massive writings that
are gonna break out throughout the
nation great persecution looting attacks
and again none of this is to put anyone
in fear I just want to blow the trumpet
I want to be obedient it is in the Word
of God I just want to warn you about
this that it’s coming to be prepared
being prayer being prayer against this
for this not to happen for the Lord to
have mercy but it is written it’s gonna
come and so but we still need to be
interceding we still need to be praying
it’s so important that we are praying
and seeking the Lord there’s many things
that are gonna come but these things are
coming and we need to be in prayer I
can’t emphasize it enough and the Lord
keeps bringing it to me and and keeps
telling me warn them warn my people let
them know that these things are coming
so they’re not caught unawares so
they’re not caught by surprise and so we
need to be watchful as he told us to be
watchful and to be constantly on our
knees praying to the Lord and so again I
just wanted you to pass this word again
and I will share the scriptures real
quick with you okay I’m going to show
you a Matthew 24 verse 7 and you can go
along with me on the screen how the Lord
warned us and again there’s there
several scriptures but this is just one
of them and he was telling us the signs
of the times and I’m currently looking
at the New Living Translation I’m going
to change it back to King James Version
and it says for nation shall rise
against nation and Kingdom against
Kingdom and there shall be famines
pestilences earthquakes in diverse
places so it’s talking about disaster
natural disasters that are coming
pestilence sicknesses famine hunger
earthquakes economic collapse but this
part of your nation shall rise against
nation so if we look at the inner linear
text Nations is EGNOS that’s what it
translates to in the Greek and so that
is talking about people it’s talking
about it’s not necessarily only a nation
like another country but it’s referring
to a group of people company troops
swarm multitude of individuals of the
same nature so is talking about a group
of people with with a tribe nation
people group with the same mentality
that the mob mentality that we’re gonna
see in a lot of these riots and a lot of
these things that are rising up and
people hating each other I said tells us
in Matthew 24 in Matthew T and Luke 21
mark 13 and so I wanted to show you that
so that we understand it’s also
referring to a race if you refer to
nation to people so I wanted to make
that that understanding of what the word
is truly telling us so so going back to
where we were all these things are the
beginning of Sorrows so that is the
birth pangs of the end times and then it
says then they shall deliver you up to
be afflicted and shall kill you and you
shall be hated of all nations for my
name’s sake okay that affliction it’s
talking about is the Greek 23:47
the Lipsey’s is talking about
persecution tribulation affliction
trouble anguish persecution to be
afflicted so this is what’s coming folks
is persecution if we’re watching the
news we’re seeing how things are
starting to unfold they’re putting laws
in place to protect certain people and
undermine the Christians undermine the
ones that are telling the truth to to
silence those that are preaching the
gospel so again it’s a persecution it’s
a pressing pressing together pressure
there’s a lot of pressure
opposition to silence the Christians is
again tribulation distress this is what
these things mean this is straight from
the Word of God these are not my words
these are from the Word of God and
afflicted the same thing persecution
tribulation trouble and so the Lord
warned us these things were coming at
the end we’re seeing that our brothers
and sisters all across the globe are
going through these major pains of
persecutions severe extreme persecution
for the faith they are being killed
slaughtered tortured and in the pressure
to renounce their faith and this is
what’s coming to the Westside and so
along with all these writings and and
civil unrest that is gonna break out in
the nation and it’s not just America
it’s going to be the Western the
persecution is going to be worldwide and
already like I said it’s a lot of over
70 percent of our brothers and sisters
are suffering this this persecution it’s
just that in the West it’s not talked
about it’s not brought to the pulpit
does not prayed for in not all but it’s
not that the majority of the church is
not even addressing it acknowledge it or
even praying for fraud or brothers and
sisters and this is a great very
saddening thing so again I wanted to
show you that again are the same thing
fliction tribulation distress and so we
have to be prepared for these things
that are coming and that’s the the grave
I’m lacking words here the the big
disaster of the the churches and the
Pope is not warning their flocks to
telling them this is coming because
people are not prepared the Lord said
that my people are not prepared for the
persecution that are that is coming to
the West my people are not and we’re not
we’re not because we’re not being told
we have not been prepared for this and
so moving on 2014 and then shall many be
offended and shall betray one another
and shall hate one another
I’ve given a word before about the
betrayals coming great waves of hatred
coming and saying the Lord warned us
about it the people are gonna get
offended today you can barely say any
words without people taking offense
without the tolerance level and and and
the offense of all these different
groups or nation rising against nation
if we look at the interlinear again
offended mmm scandal II so it means in
the Greek okay so it’s to put a
stumbling block chord impediment in the
way upon which another made trip or fall
so it’s causing someone else to be
offended and ties to sin because a
person to begin to distrust and desert
one whom he ought to trust and obey so
it’s causing people to fall away from
the faith
second Thessalonians two warned us about
the great falling away coming first and
the great man of perdition being
revealed and so again Matthew 24 is
showing us how the people are going to
be offended cause to fall away thank you
Lord to be offended and want to
seeing another what I disapproved of and
what hinders me from acknowledging his
authority to cause one to judge
unfavorably or unjustly of another since
one who stumbles of whose foot gets
entangled feels annoyed to cause one
displeasure at a thing to make indignant
to be displeased indignant we know that
Jesus went through extreme persecution
he was murdered because of envy the envy
of the people and and this is what’s
rising up again and it’s just coming to
the West moving on is to entrap to trip
up to entice to see an apostasy ok
apostasy this is what is talking about
in 2nd Thessalonians 2 the great
apostasy the great falling away and so
we see that the Lord if you want to
check this out for yourself blue letter
Bible does an excellent job you can go
look at it breaks it down by scriptures
and you can go study each one and and
that’s a really really good job of
digging down in the word and getting
understanding and because of iniquity
shall abound the love of many shall wax
cold this is a the the lawlessness
iniquity is lawlessness is going to be
multiplied and grow and so the love of
many shall wax cold folks when we look
at the word love here this is talking
about agape love this is the love of God
people’s heart growing hardened and and
cold and falling away and so brotherly
love there’s gonna be great betrayals
and so we’re seeing from the word mmm
that the Lord warned us these things
were gonna come
that we need to be prepared and then it
says I’m 13 but he that shall endure to
unto the end the same shall be saved if
we look at the word endure in the Greek
is to take patiently there’s several
scriptures that talk about the patience
of the Saints to endure with patience to
tarry behind to abide the patient’s
suffering is talking about suffering the
endurance is talking about suffering the
Word of God is a it’s a the Bible all
the things that they talked about in the
book of Acts and how much they suffered
and all the other were books the
suffering of the Saints it’s not a
painless gospel as we’re taught in the
churches today
it’s a bloody gospel it was it’s a
costly gospel
it’s a suffering and remaining tarry
behind to remain to abide to not recede
or flee to persevere under misfortunes
and trials to hold fast to one’s faith
in Christ that’s what it means to endure
under the pressure under the persecution
under the the the B system and then when
you cannot buy or sell when you’re when
you’re faced with people are trying to
do a imprison you or put you in camps or
you can’t eat or drink or you can’t go
in through all these things folks and we
will have to endure and holdfast you
wants faith in Christ to endure to bear
bravely and calmly ill treatments okay
to stay under behind to remain to
undergo bear trials have fortitude
persevere endure this is why it’s so
important to break down and look at the
scriptures and study to show yourself
approved because it really gives you a
better understanding of what though the
scripture is saying and so to persevere
absolutely and emphatically under
misfortunes and trials to hold fast to
one’s faith in Christ
commonly known as in do
or in Matthew 1022 and you shall be
hated for all my and for all man’s for
my name’s sake I know it’s going off of
the screen a little bit but for all men
for my name’s sake but he that endures
to the end shall be saved
there’s several scriptures 2nd Timothy
Timothy 2:12 if we suffer we shall also
reign with him if we deny him he will
also deny us we’re gonna be being
pressured to renounce the faith to
renounce Christ and we have to remember
the consequence if we ever do we cannot
deny the Lord we cannot deny the faith
okay he will deny us he will reject us
it means he’ll so again there’s several
scriptures there mark 13 13 and you
shall be hated of all men for my name’s
sake but he that shall endure until the
end that persevere that endures the
trials that is that that that remains in
the faith and holds on to the truth
shall be say the same shall be saved
thank you Lord and so and then the
gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
in all the world for a witness a
testimony unto all nations and then
shall the end come again to and to all
the nations we were going to be used for
testimony against them and and gospel
shall be preached unto all the world for
a witness look at the word witness its
martyr martyrdom is coming folks it
talks about it in the book of revelation
6 hmm if I’m not mistaken 5 or 6
martyrdom is coming and so it’s amis
testimony witness to be testified
but it’s means smarter than to tomorrow
Damas is it’s a witness we’re witnessing
and testifying of Jesus Christ of the
gospel of Jesus Christ heaven and earth
will pass away but the Word of God will
never pass away and so again you could
do a full study here with all the world
words and all the scriptures for
testimony and look through all of them
and and and and do a great deeper study
of each theme so Thank You Heavenly
Father so that word to witnesses is
martyrdom so the Lord told us
persecution is coming the Lord warned us
martyrdom is coming great trials great
tribulation if we look at it and it goes
on okay
Matthew help me Lord there’s another one
Matthew 10 19
and also mark 13 Luke 21 you can look at
those yourself but marked mean Matthew
10 19 but when they deliver you up take
no thought how or what you shall speak
for it shall be given you in that same
hour what you shall speak okay so it’s
delivering up is talking about that
betrayals for it’s not you that speak
but the Spirit of your father which
speaks in you and the brother shall
deliver up brother to death and the
father the child and the children shall
rise up against their parents and cause
them to be put to death and you shall be
hated of all men for my name’s sake but
he that endures to the end shall be
saved again we will be hated of all men
for the the name of Jesus as Jesus who
they’re persecuting just like they did
in the past it’s just like they’ve
always done it’s Jesus who they’re after
and so um again he says in verse 23 but
when they persecute you in this city
flee ye into another for verily I sent
to you shall not have gone over the
cities of Israel till the Son of man had
become the disciple is not above his
master nor the servant above his Lord it
is enough for the disciple that he be as
his master and the servant as his Lord
if they have called the master of the
house Beelzebub how much more shall they
call them of his household how much more
than going to call us mm-hmm and so fear
them not the Lord said for there’s
nothing covered that shall not be
revealed and hid that shall not be known
so everything that’s taking place is
recorded in heaven every single thing
the Lord knows and sees everything is
all-knowing and omnipotent and so when I
what what I tell you in darkness that
speak ye in the light and what you hear
in the ear that preach II and the
housetops and fear not them which kill
the body but are not
able to kill the soul but rather fear
him which is able to destroy both soul
and body in heal we don’t have to fear
them we don’t have to fear anyone the
only one we need to fear and revere and
adore and obey is the Lord Jesus Christ
he is the one that’s protecting us he’s
the one that will be with us he will
never leave us nor forsake us we are his
children and so he is the only one with
the power to destroy body soul and body
in hell
he’s the only one okay they can they can
martyr people they can kill people but
they cannot destroy the body in hell so
the Lord warned us of these things and
these are pretty strong stern warnings
for us too to keep our mind set in the
1st Corinthians 15:58 it says therefore
my beloved brethren be steadfast
immovable always abounding in the work
of the Lord knowing that your labor is
not in vain in the Lord
second Corinthians 1:7 and our hope for
you is steadfast because we know that as
you are partakers of the sufferings so
also you will partake of the consolation
so we particular sufferings of Christ
Colossians 1:23 if indeed you continue
in the faith grounded and steadfast and
are not moved away from the hope of the
gospel which you heard which was
preached to every creature under heaven
and not lose hope not lose the the focus
of the Lord Jesus Christ Thank You
Heavenly Father and again folks there’s
so many other scriptures I don’t have
time to go through each one of them but
I just wanted to give you just a few to
give you an idea of what the Lord has
been showing me and showing me all these
different visions of civil war coming of
persecution it just seems like the Lord
constantly has just been trying to to
warned me and and and saying let my
people know let them know so that
they’re not caught unawares let them
know so that they can start preparing
for this is coming to the West and again
like I said it’s not just America’s all
the Western nations and so I bless you
guys Thank You Heavenly Father I love
he’s prompted me to go to Daniel 11:32
and he will be with us just as he talked
about in the Book of Daniel with
Shadrach Meshach and Abednego that he
was with them in the fire through the
fire he will be with us Daniel 11:32 ER
talks about and this is the Antichrist
corrupting with flatteries but the
people the people of God that do know
their God shall be strong and do
exploits let’s look at this one okay
they know their God
it is a to know to learn to know to
perceive perceive and see to find out to
discern discriminate distinguished to
know by experience to recognize to admit
to acknowledge confess to consider to
know and be acquainted with to to have a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ
to be so close and cleaving on to him
that we know his word he we are obeying
his Commandments and we know him – again
this is in the sense of knowing a person
carnally that’s not what it’s talking
about in this sense but to have
knowledge to be wise in the Word of God
to be known to be made known to become
known to revealed so it’s it’s a
knowledge of his word Hosea 4:6 it says
my people perish for lack of knowledge
and because they reject the knowledge
they don’t read the word and that’s
rejecting they don’t read the word that
they’re not interested in knowing him
and ignorant is not bliss ignorance is
very detrimental and so again let’s see
the other one flatteries anytime you see
people flattering you that is not from
the lord flatteries are of the enemy so
beware beware beware what was the other
one that shall be strong hebrews 2388
okay so the strong is speaking of to be
strong strength to prevail to harden be
strong become strong be courageous be
firm okay this is how we that the the
mindset that we have to have in these
last days in the middle of persecution
in the middle of pressure in the middle
of the enemy trying to indoctrinate that
our brains the – to manipulate
intimidate put pressure on us – to get
us to
you renounce the faith to get us to fall
away so we have to be strong we have to
know the Lord we have to be resolute
have our minds and our hearts fixed on
the Lord Jesus no matter what to grow
strong prevail to be firm caught fast be
press the urgent be diligent the Lord
always tells us to be diligent to keep
our hearts diligently to grow stout grow
a rigid grow hard if this isn’t a bad
sense to be severe grievious okay to
sustain and courage be bold and so this
is the mindset having the mind of Christ
to withstand to persevere thank you lord
I think that’s all I had
it’s oon exploits and you credit
exploits and so through all the trials
that’s what that’s what it’s talking
about you to persevere and continue do
the X versus T do the work do the work
of the Lord to act to act with effect
produce produce fruit the fruit that
lasts the eternal fruit to bring about
to make 210 thank you lord
so I just wanted to show you that guys
thank you lord
it also talks about they that understand
verse 33 they that understand among the
people shall instruct many okay those
that are awake and know the truth are
trying to blow the trumpet and instruct
others so that others will wake up and
realize the times that we’re living in
and and and open their eyes
many shall fall by the sword again is
talking about persecution by the flame
by captivity and by spoil many days okay
this is talking about persecution
but at the same time it just like it’s
happening in China that the underground
church is growing in the middle of all
the extreme persecution folks that
they’re going through such extreme
persecution they are there the
underground church is growing the gospel
is growing they’re still persevering and
they put themselves through great danger
every single time every day just to get
the gospel out to just one more person
and so and the Lord is growing the
church just like he did in the book of
Acts and so but they’re going through
severe times yet there’s there there’s
there standing strong and they’re even
praying for us for the West to wake up
and so let’s see so they will instruct
many again there was fall by the sword
flame different things now they when
they fall they shall be helping with a
little help but many shall cleave to
them with flatteries again there’ll be
many people that will try to betray us
there will betray us some of them of
understanding shall fall to try them and
to purge and to make them white even to
the time of the end because it is yet
for a time appointed so those would with
the understanding of the Holy Word those
said that that know the word and can try
to help others many will fall many will
and when this falling is not talking
about falling away this is about being
martyred some people will die I mean
many people are dying and being martyred
all across the world because of their
faith and so and but they’re made white
and they’re being perched and it’s for
time of the end just like the Lord told
us and so again is it’s not a to look at
it as a gloom and doom it’s a great
honor it’s a great honor
to to suffer for the Lord and to to help
others okay I don’t know what it says
like in the New Living Translation wise
leaders will give instruction to many
but these teachers will die by fire and
sword or they will be jailed and robbed
imprisonment is coming it tells us soand
in the Book of Revelations during these
persecutions again folks persecutions
little help will arrive and many who
join them will not be sincere many will
be too to betray them to get them to
betray others to get them to tell who
else in the group ok so we have to be
watchful we have to understand that
these things are coming and we cannot be
caught unawares and and it’s it’s
betraying another is betraying Jesus we
have to understand what we’re up against
and some of the wise will fall victim to
persecution in this way that will be
refined and cleansed and made pure until
the time of the end for the appointed
time is still to come
again there’s tons of scriptures in the
Book of Revelations that correlate to
these scriptures in Daniel and in
Matthew 24 and and mark 13 and Luke 21
and so I just wanted to bless you guys I
hope that this helps you I hope that
this gives you a little bit of
understanding of what’s coming has just
been really heavy in my heart the Holy
Spirit has been weeping and weeping and
weeping over this people are not ready
people are not ready and it’s just a
travailing in the spirit and and just
just a really heavy travailing in the
spirit and so just just be on your guard
we we awake be alert be vigilant and
know that these things are coming and
prepared okay I love you but again my my
desire or my my plea is that you will
also be praying we need a in
intercessors we need prayer warriors in
these last days for this nation in a
mighty mighty way but these riots are
going to be bloody they’re going to
bring destruction and we don’t want this
to happen we want we don’t want these
things to happen and so again I can’t
emphasize it enough in the mighty name
of Jesus i bless you i love you guys and
again i pray that you will be praying as
well for these things not to happen and
for mercy and the mighty name of Jesus
bless you
until soon again


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