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Massive Earthquake Dream – Emilie

Cascadia subduction zone USGS - Public domain

Massive Earthquake Dream

April 7, 2024 3:24 PM

April 7, 2024

I Had this dream in 1988

I dreamed that I was hovering just above the ocean water looking at the shoreline of Vancouver, BC, Canada. All of a sudden, the land cracked, and the entire shoreline dropped into the Pacific Ocean. There was no beach left, only a huge cliff to the land. Then I turned around and, to my horror, I saw Vancouver Island submerging into the ocean until there was no Island left…it was gone! Not a trace of it to be seen…only water!

Next, I’m now hovering just above the big hills (mountains) in the northwest part of Vancouver. There were people desperately trying to climb to the top because there was water everywhere and it was rising higher and higher. I looked at the city below and saw that buildings were broken and underwater. Dead bodies, thousands of them, we’re floating in the waters. It was a horrific sight! Then I saw a man, someone I know well, quickly climbing up the hill as the water was rising fast just below him. He reached up to grab hold of a solid rock to lift himself higher, but lost his grip and fell into the water. He was swept away and lost his life. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It left me trembling in shock and horror.

~ End of Dream ~

Note: At the time of my dream, that man in my dream whom I know well, lived in a different province and city in Canada—the same city as I live in. Decades later, he moved to Vancouver, BC and lives there today. Though he knows about my dream (except the part where he dies), he still chooses to live there.


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