mass population extermination – Barbara Francis

mass population extermination

Dec 12, 2019
Barbara Francis


Daughter you must speak again. I know you are weary. The nations leaders are preparing for a mass population extermination. . The rich and powerful have been notified and they are prepared. They have made safe places for themselves. Plague death and food contamination will kill many. They have prepared detention camps and have trained workers in place now. You can run from the authorities but you can’t hide from them they have equipped the towers with weapons and surveillance . They monitor your actions from your very own electronics. Those resisting and speaking the truth will be taken away and put to death.The final King will return to power as it is written. The time is upon you for the words written in the LITTLE BOOK TO BE REVEALED.

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  1. Rita

    August 8, 2017- ” Canadian government asks funeral homes to prep for pandemic”

    While Canadian health officials have extensive plans to ensure people survive a future influenza pandemic, they’ve also made macabre recommendations for the nation’s funeral homes for those who don’t.

    “In a pandemic, each individual funeral home could expect to handle about six months work within a six- to eight-week period,” the Public Health Agency of Canada warns on a web page about the management of mass fatalities during a pandemic flu.

  2. Edmund Gornay

    Friend – When you mention, “THE LITTLE BOOK TO BE REVEALED”, can I assume you are addressing Rev 10 where it is written about a mighty angel descending down from heaven holding a, “LITTLE SCROLL”? If so, I believe part of what the seven thunders said that was sealed up and which John the Revelator was not to write down is what Linda Hasche revealed in her prophecy, found on her YouTube channel, believeacts2, titled: 9-1-19 ~ “Seek the LORD While He May be Found” time stamped 3:40/11:57, “RELEASE THE GIANTS”. Am I correct?

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