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Mass Murder of Christians at Hand! – Spirit and Truth


Mass Murder of Christians at Hand!

September 19, 2020 8:16 AM
Spirit and Truth

Dream given September 19th,2020

In this dream I see myself at a Christian summer camp and it’s coming to an end. The children want to go swimming but the counselor tells them Fall is coming. A parent shows up with an RV and few have their bags packed and ready to leave to go home. Once this group leaves to go home I see a second group coming to the Christian camp in Fall that are wanting to be baptized, in this group I see people I know personally who are atheists at the moment. Something big must have happened to bring these people in to seek Jesus… I see a flash of a newspaper saying, “Second Biggest Mass Murder in History!” Then I see German troops executing men, women, and children in the streets. I see this as a warning it will be like the Holocaust all over again. These troops also had giant mortars shooting down a wall around a protected city and were about to force their way in…

May God Bless you and be with you all and your families during this time.

Pray to be ready to escape, be prepared and have your bags packed Spiritually and Physically as the Lord Leads. We all are going home soon, but our lamps must be full of oil. God will give us wisdom on how to prepare and how to endure till the time is right.



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