Mass Casualty Event – Marty Breeden

Mass Casualty Event

May 24, 2020 5:37 AM
Marty Breeden

Dream May, 24, 2020
“Mass Casualty Event”

My friends, before I share this dream from early this morning, I believe that when enough righteous people pray, events CAN be averted.
So I’m asking you to pray….

Now I’ll share what I saw:

I dreamed that I was with some friends in what appeared to be a mall or store in a very busy and populated area.

I begin to hear screams and the sound of gunfire. As people begin to flee the store, I saw the shooters begin to roll-out into the street.

The dream was so detailed that I can describe the weapons used, the perpetrators, even the serial number on one of the guns.

There was sadly much death and carnage!
Me, as a retired Cop, grabbed my weapon to engage the “bad guys” and I begin to run toward the shooters, just as I was trained to do and as all Cops are trained to do.

It seemed as though I was forced to take a long shot in an attempt to eliminate the threats, and there did appear to be at least 2 of them.
And after only a few rounds of me firing, my gun jammed.

Yet the bad guys continued their killing spree.
It was odd, because in my dream it seemed like an eternity before any back up Police response was there.
This sense is not unusual when you’re in a volatile situation.

Once my gun jammed, I could still hear the cries and screams and gunshots and I remember thinking that I needed to find another weapon, anything…just to engage the shooters.

I remember only being able to find a chair and I literally grabbed that chair with the intent of using it as a “blunt force trauma” object against the shooters.

As I was running toward them, I remember thinking;
“I know I’m going to likely die, but I can’t stand back and do nothing….

I awoke…..
Please make this a matter of prayer my friends.

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