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Masks: The Separation of Wheat and Tares

August 21, 2020 8:05 AM

Mask-Wearing and Satanic Rituals

Original article from Christian Observer


After reading this article, it should be clear that the facemask ritual has nothing to do with protecting us from a virus.   The devil hates that we are made in the image and likeness of the Father in Heaven.  He hates our faces.  Especially those faces who reflect and shine the light of God.  And in these last days there is a phenomenon happening that many are beginning to see.  That is the separation of the wheat and the tares.

This is where the Lord gave me the words:

Something is happening.  Those who are truly My children are beginning to shine brighter.  Those who are the enemy’s children, those of the serpent seed, are beginning to show their true colors.  Their faces are changing, becoming uglier.  Look at many of your Hollywood celebrities that you’ve worshipped for years.  They are becoming hideous.  While my chosen vessels are becoming beautiful.  This is one of the reasons why your governments are mandating masks.  Your enemy has many of his tares in political power right now.  You have seen them by now and know their names.  Those with eyes to see can now look at someone and see them for who they are now. 

Back to my words,

The devil is trying to hide everyone’s faces right now so that you can’t see who is who.  People who you thought were good, or even Christian, are beginning to show their true colors.  This whole covid thing has been a great divider.  It is showing you what was really inside people.  I feel the Lord has allowed it to expose many.  In the days ahead the wheat will keep shining brighter and brighter and nothing will stop that.  And the tares will become darker and uglier.

May God keep showing us truth!


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