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Marriage Supper of The Lamb

April 8, 2022 4:12 PM
Exodus Speaks

Good afternoon.

Here is a link if you would like to listen


I’ve had this dream on my mind since yesterday and felt led to share.

On April 7th while I was sleeping, I heard a choir of angels singing harmoniously, I heard the gentle voice of Jesus. Then I woke up.

It felt surreal like it was so very close. It reminded me of the very first harpazo dream I was given when I was a young believer in 2020.

I prayed to God for confirmation on whether I should share, and he led to me to the song “The Wheel” by the Grateful Dead-a song I have not heard in many years (Also literally what I saw in my last dream!)

He also led me to a fellow believer’s account of almost the exact same dream, and shared on the same day. Many of us began dreaming heavily around this time, it is time for us to share with others what we saw. I believe this is what is meant by the first fruits.

I had this dream in October of 2020,

Before I ever made my first mark of the beast video. It began with a lovely garden where I saw 2 white orbs of light/angels encircling each other almost dancing. I knew they were angels because of how they sang. I then heard a choir of angels singing, just like what I heard yesterday. It was beautiful, indescribable, ethereal. The season was spring, I knew It was not yet summer

I was shown a long, wooden dining table so long you couldn’t see where it ended. There was an elegant white runner just as long, with royal throne chairs of red velvet and gold. These chairs were so gorgeous and placed at each setting. The seating arrangement was being formed. I saw the table being prepared. I saw the place settings being put out. I saw formal invitations, floral arrangements, white linen, silverware, wine glasses. I even smelled the food being prepared, it was heavenly. The dream was so beautiful I did not want to leave. Everything about it was elegant, intricate, detailed.

I was shown this dream during a very difficult and painful period in my life. I believe that’s why I was gifted it, as a reminder of Gods love and the promises to come.

Thank you!
Exodus Speaks


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