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October 16, 2020
Victoria Ang


Received by: Victoria Ang
Prophetic dream :

I was woken in the very early morning hours to pray. I stayed in prayer and worship for about an hour and a half and fell back to sleep.

I was given a dream where I found myself in a large hotel. There was an attendant there that asked me if I could help.The attendant took me to the large laundry room. I was there to help carry the bathroom mats to each room. The attendant gathered the mats to distribute to each room. But picked up a WHITE mat that had two dirty spots on each side. I said to the attendant that the mat could not be put out that way. It was dirty and needed to be cleaned first.In order to be put in the bathroom .The attendant seemed NOT to care and was going to put it in the HOTEL bathroom anyway. I took the mat off the pile and said I will help clean it off.

The scene changed and I found myself at the BACK DOOR of a house. I was made known I was there to KEEP GUARD for an oncoming bad storm.The back door was all boarded up in preparation for this storm but a small area that was open for a look out.
There were a few people around . I yelled “ ITS COMING “ ! ITS COMING ! and asked for help to finish boarding up the back door . However one person ran outside to check things out. Another person started to grumble and complain. I quickly got the boards in place to barricade the door for the FAST approaching STORM. And the dream ended.
Upon completion of the dream I got up to tend my animals. I walked out my BACK DOOR. And saw in the sky an X. And heard “ MARKED FOR PROTECTION “!

Photo by Victoria Ang


The HOTEL represents the church. There are few workers and some are slacking in their responsibilities to help others. The Lord is COMING for THOSE that keep their LIVES and “house “SPOTLESS .And remain clean before the Lord.
The STORM IS AT THE BACKDOOR! The warning is BEING SENT but many are getting distracted and just complaining and doing NOTHING to help! …..
The Lord is now marking those to REMAIN PROTECTED when the storm arrives !

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