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Mark YOUR calendar! December 25th in America shall be UNRECOGNIZABLE – Edward Umling

Mark YOUR calendar! December 25th in America shall be UNRECOGNIZABLE

Prophetic Word to Nation America

July 19, 2020
Edward Umling

My Son, this Christmas season will be unlike any other in History

Mark YOUR calendar! December 25th in America shall be UNRECOGNIZABLE.

The words to the very songs they sing shall be words of lamentations and weeping.

Here Me NOW O My People:
Though Moses and Samuel stood interceding for this people yet My mind could not be turned with favor toward them.

My People have REMOVED My NAME from Christmas; Now I remove MYSELF from these people.

Send them out of my sight and let them go says the LORD.



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  1. Michele Michael

    I find it very hard to believe that Christmas — which was an admixture of the worst of pagan holidays with Christianity (by the Church of Rome, which has always been anti-biblical and anti-Christ in its many policies and doctrines) — is something that our Lord would want to even keep, much less defend. In fact I do not believe it, though it is very common for Western Christians today to sluff it off with, “God knows my heart.” Yes, He DOES know our hearts. But why are we not trying to know HIS?!!!

  2. TharleneLakesMathis

    wow,is most Christians ever gonna get that christmas halloween etc. are All Pagan holidays????? this is where the church has fallen & leading it’s sheep astray,it’s in the Bible & the old days of christians whom named this holiday,just covered it up,,what was will be! Same as cover name of statue of liberty,,she’s the harlot of babylon,,what was will be,therefore we harbor the great whore of babylon in our waters only for America to be cursed with Baal & destroyed as old babylon. We are the modern mystery Babylon,,read your Bible & see what happens to her!!! We are now under God’s judgements because baal is still housed & worshipped!

  3. Maria

    God hates so called Christmas, PAGAN, is an abomination in HIS eyes…SOOOOO, I don’t know about the veracity on this message…for GOD does not approve of all these pagan rituals…God bless.

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