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Mark on Trump’s Forehead – Adam Steiger

Mark on Trump’s Forehead

Sept 2, 2019 10:37 AM
Adam Steiger

I had this dream about President Trump a few days ago. It was a brief dream which involved me seeing this deep purple/reddish mark inside President Trump’s forehead.

Here’s the full entry, below, along with a quick depiction of it which a drew.

8/31/2019 (5-6 a.m.)

In this brief dream segment, I was positioned below President Trump and was looking up at his face. There was a certain spot on his face, directly between his eyes and where the very top of his nose starts, where there was an open laceration in his skin.

(it reminded me of when a dermatologist removes a lipoma from someone, and produces a small incision in the skin just before stitching it back up)


His daughter, Ivanka, then began to pinch this area of his face with the forefinger and thumb of her right hand.

After she did this – this laceration then began moving on its own; in pulsating and ripple-like movements, the skin incision began expanding to the point where I could see the bottom portion of President Trump’s forehead without any skin. And underneath was this… deep reddish-purple MARK there, like it had been implanted sometime prior! /end entry


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