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May 6, 2021 8:10 AM

Message received Thursday May 6th around 5:15 am

My son good morning , my obedient son, take these words down .,there is much division in my body over whether Covid 19 is the mark itself, please read MY WORDS, not man’s words, does my words say in Revelation 13 , he cause all men rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark. Are you being forced to take Covid ? Covid is the kickoff of Satan’s plan. It is the starter of things to come, many in my body are confused about wether it is the Mark or not. Does it go in the right arm or forehead? You compare my words to reality.

I have some working and sifting thru scriptures to find the answers to your questions, since most do not harken to my voice. The Ones who hear my voice I have given My Spirit, instructions, to show and lead my chosen ones on where to find the answers ,my obedient ones to my voice. I have given this messenger parts of the puzzle I will not give all the answers to one messenger, watchmen, prophet and kingdom worker for reasons of pride and lust . Look how my greatest creation fell like a star from the heavens.

This messenger is almost done putting all parts that I have given him together to show that Covid is in fact in My Holy Words. That unless you have the full Spirit a full anointing you will never truly understand . Only these ones will receive my second anointing and go on to do greater things for My Kingdom. You too can gain this anointing but you need to repent, repent , repent and obey my voice. My messengers ,when I tell them if they miss going to someone because of incorrect discernment , I will tell them in a stern voice. Are you hearing my stern voice?.

More than a third of America has takin the V and I as your GOD is displeased with this. I can not even and will not allow this too go on for too much longer . It is far better to start destruction of America ,Mystery Babylon than have millions go to Hell, because of a DNA changing V from the pits of hell. I love all my creations but taking the V will change who you are at the foundational level , you no longer are my creation but one from their father , the father of LIES. I am calling out all my children to tell them, to tell everyone to repent of this action against THE HOLY TEMPLE, your body , my resting place in my people.

My children time is so short that most do not realize how short and what truly lies ahead. My SON came to the earth to shed his blood too be put on the mercy seat for my creations, not Satan’s . Once you accept my son your blood becomes pure not tainted ,which the V does ,it changes your blood .

My children did I not say let no man deceive you. Most are being deceived and will be led astray to the slaughter. I have been testing and purifying all my children most still have wrinkles and blemishes ,please ask MY SPIRIT to show them to you. Time is short my little ones MY SON comes soon on a cloud of glory as JUDGE. Please get ready and pray that you are found worthy to escape all that has been planed against mankind.

End of message

signed walt the messenger God has sent

Photo by Tim Foster


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