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Mark of the Beast Translation – Everth Uusitalo

Mark of the Beast Translation

August 12, 2021 4:23 AM
Everth Uusitalo

This is not excactly an prophecy, but i feel i must share this since it is important.

Yesterday at work (11.8.2021) i was at work having a break just as usual.I wondered about the things of end times as i often do nowadays.

Suddenly i got a strong feeling that i should look for the meaning of greek Word for the “buying” and selling regarding the Mark of the beast.

I looked for this at home and was stunned for what it actually says. I used this Page for translation in my native language (finnish) so from finnish to King James, and from there the greek Word and the meaning of it. And this is what i got(i Will add screenshot below).

I take it very seriously to look for things regarding the translation so im just humbly showing what i got, and this To me seems to imply that the Word “buying” In regard to what is being restricted is actually more looking to mean the entering of the shop/marketplace/shopping area itself, more than the transaction of money.

Take this To Lord in prayer. I just show what i think was shown from the Lord.

If this is actually True, the covid pass is very much already fullfilling this in some countries.

-Everth Uusitalo


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