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Mark of the beast tattoo vaccination – Daughter of God Warrior of Christ

Mark of the beast tattoo vaccination

March 20, 2020
Daughter of God Warrior of Christ


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hi friends I just wanted to make this video today about the mark of the beast and I want to share with you everything that God has shown me about it and the conclusions that I’ve come to and you can just take this information to the Lord and come to your own conclusion so we start with the Bible revelations 13 16 to 18 he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name the word for mark is called Chirag ma I don’t know if I’m saying that right now sure Eggman in strong’s concordance means a stamp or impress usage sculpture and grabbing a stamp a sign and engraving itching or mark so to me that sounds like a Terry some people would say Philip the RFID chip maybe it’s a both okay so I saw an interesting video about a year ago my sister and feel saying that how she believes the mark of the beast is going to be a tattoo with a crystal nanotech embedded into the skin and that it was she said it would change our DNA to sniffling DNA I’m just something a few people have been saying and then after that I had a dream where I saw what is inside a factory making some kind of small tech device and their boss was Kushner and then next in the dream I saw an old lady who whose body was enhanced and made young again for nanotechnology and then she was some kind of soldier and she had it she was firing with another soldier and they had silver blood Jethro was interesting and so I think it makes sense that the mark of the beast is going to change people’s DNA and DNA DNA is like a mark and itself it’s like an identity and who you are it’s what you’re made of so the Beast if we have the Beast of DNA and we become like him instead of like our Father God in heaven God makes perfect sense that you wouldn’t be able to get saved after that point so a couple of days after I had this dream only two days later I was at the shop and just out of the blue out of the blue this a lady the stranger lady just started talking with my husband and Matt’s headies and she said she wouldn’t get a tattoo because she gives blood regularly and if she gets a tattoo she can’t give blood for a year which is something I never knew and this conversation was just so random um I’m sure that it was a sign so and I googled about how Ted who is affected the blood and I found introducing Inka metal or any other foreign material until buddy I fixed your immune system and may expose you to harmful viruses this can affect what’s in your bloodstream during blood after recently getting a Teddy could be dangerous though uncommon and unclean tattoo needle can carry a number of blood-borne infections etc so anyway when you get tattooed it affects your blood so this is the point that I found out and then um and then about a week later on the 1st of March last year um I was just walking around doing my housework and then I felt I felt something like a bunch of needles going into my skin inside on the inside of my wrist and it felt a lot like well I imagine that Eddie would feel like I’ve never had one but I’m such a strange sensation I knew that was good that God was showing me something I didn’t know what it was at first I didn’t click on that it was a tattoo at first he was showing me and then the next day never day after this happened I was watching the movie Jupiter ascending and on there there’s a part in the movie where the girls Jupiter gets tattooed and she puts their hand in a machine and a whole bunch of needles go into her inside wrist and and she gets us Mike and wood what I’m watching that what it looked like what was happening to her is exactly what I felt happening to my rest day before so this can’t be a coincidence now Jupiter’s tattoo was a seal that marked her identity and it might sure as royalty and she would use it she could scan it and use it to all her eyes things and we can get some more clues about what this mark is by looking at God’s mark God gives his people a seal and a mark as well and Satan’s mark is his counterfeit version and the evil version of it of it and these are marks we’re all going to either get our mark of God or a mark of Satan that shows who we belong to and once we marked it there’s no going back so let’s look at revelation 9 34 it mentions when the locusts come out they won’t be able to harm in that have the seal of God on their foreheads and the scripture in exodus 13:9 it says and it shall be for a sign unto thee upon your hand and for a memorial between your eyes that the that the Lord’s law made me in your mouth and Haggai 2:23 and that day says the Lord of hosts I will take you as a rubber ball My servants the son of LTL says the Lord and it will make you like a signet ring for I have chosen you this is a lot of hosts and the meaning of signet is a small feel especially once it in a ring used instead of or whether signature to give authentification to an official document so this is the kind of seal that we’re going to be getting from God or from Satan depending with what we choose okay so recently I was watching a video by a sister called Adar on YouTube and I cut I can’t remember the exact video so please comment it down below if you know which one it is but on the video she was saying she saw people with the mark of the beast and they were sending it under a UV light and then a couple days ago I stumbled across an article from someone’s comment saying that they’ve come up with this teddy to give vaccinations and it’s funded by Bill Gates and it will be invisible but then you’ll be able to using a special smartphone camera Advan photo and maybe this is visible under UV light and it says here um the tannery will be made up of tiny quantum dot tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light and glow under infrared light the pattern and the vaccine gets delivered into the skin using high-tech dissolvable micro needles so it sounds like what I’ve been learning so far and they will be able to use this mark to scan people and see whether they have been vaccinated or not and the day that I saw this article was exactly one year from when I posted about the dream that I had which i think is a sign which was the 19th of March 2019 and then I saw this article 19th of March 2020 all of these things tie together and you’ll see what I mean in a minute ok so um there’s also this new program called ID 2020 which is also backed by Bill Gates and it’s a plan to provide digital ID along with the vaccinations and then I found this other article saying that here in Queensland and they’ve developed a vaccination patch which was also backed by Bill Gates and it says the vaccination works by pressing a patch to 23,000 micro needles against the skin for 10 seconds which deposits the vaccine into the abundance of immune cells immediately below the surface of the skin and so and they say that this is a really efficient way of giving vaccines and a lot of vaccines were originally given by scraping the skin service and applying the vaccine to that area and it says um that this type of vaccine can be stable for a year until it is up to 40 degrees which means that that would be able to deliver them through the mail without the need to visit a doctor and people could actually administer it to themselves so it’s going to be a more convenient easier to get out to lots of people in a short amount of time and this article was came out the 19th of March 2020 as well okay so last night um sorry this morning um today’s a 21st of March yeah and this morning I had a dream from God and in my dream I saw a butterfly and I saw and I heard the word polymorphic and it was being repeated to me and I was saying it as I woke up and I remembered what I woke up in the morning I might know I I had no idea what this word means and I googled it and on wikipedia polymorphism in biology means when there are two more possibilities sorry two or more possibilities of a trait in a gene and the morphs must occupy the same habitat at the same time and some examples of polymorphism is in butterflies that came out with a set the same species of butterflies come out with different color patterns on their wings and an example with humans is the different blood groups that Eamon’s can have and [Music] and another example that got my attention is with the SAS coronavirus so I’ve had an addict Oh every search article where someone was studying with the South Korean of ours which was back in 2013 is when they wrote this and I’ll link it down below but it’s entitled the association between HLA gene polymorphism and the genetic susceptibility of saws infection it’s quite a long one but I’m the main points I got out of this article was that for one people with certain genes we’re more likely to die from the scythe namely to Chinese people to people with certain genes were immune to it and three but it was believed to be man-made because it was unnatural and how it morphed and evolved quicker than a natural virus would and also it suddenly stopped and went backwards they call it called it reverse evolution in the article I went backwards and it just died out very quickly okay so the fact that people with certain genes are immune to it got my attention as well because in the in the last series of The X Files they had it they had a pandemic and there are certain people that were immune to the to that disease and the ones that were immune people that were human-alien hybrids so it points to if this is really if this is true this is what’s gonna happen then when we get them and when people get the mark of the beast and it changes their DNA their genes to being pot potful an angel pot human hybrids that would actually be something that would make them immune to the virus and so I think this is how they gonna sell the mark of the beast they’re gonna say get them up because it will fit well it’s um it will be the vaccine it will be the killer it’ll make you mean you won’t get the virus they might not say that it’s gonna change the DNA but they will say that it’s a vaccine that it is going to work and well they gotta say it’s going to it anyway and also they will require us to heaven to be able to go out to a shop and buy also because if you don’t have this mock showing that you’ve been vaccinated though they’ll keep you in court they’ll tell you to go back to quarantine and there won’t let you out to buy it sell because you might spread the virus to other people so anyway in conclusion and I think the market at least is going to be a teddy and it’s gonna be the vaccine at the same time wanting the same and you can take it to the Lord and yes please yeah comment below if you have any more identified other things to add Jen I also want to say um do not be afraid of this it’s coming it’s in the Bible you know what’s coming um but don’t be afraid I have no weapon formed against us will prosper and don’t be afraid of the virus either whether it’s real or not it’s um it’s 91 whatever you do don’t take the mark you’re better or her dying and taking the market that’s what it comes to don’t be afraid of the pain of death either there’s been lots of people having dreams visions and experiences from history of where Christians have had to die and they haven’t felt any pain because God would take them right at that moment before death so don’t be afraid of it whatever you do don’t take the mark and don’t be afraid of dying and I love you all I pray if you all always call this


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