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Mark of the Beast dream 10/15/2020 – Exodus Speaks


Mark of the Beast dream 10/15/2020

December 3, 2020 4:04 AM
Exodus Speaks
YouTube-Exodus Speaks


Auto Generated Transcript
i want to start off by saying that never
post a video
really don’t like doing stuff like this
god kept pressing me to post it
had a lot of end time dreams in the past
year or so
but this is the one i feel like he
really just once shared
in my dream i was in a concentration
with people my age
there were no adults there were no kids
there just
teenagers and young adults and
it i saw like santa claus decorations
hitler decorations it was like hitler
christmas like there was a sign that
said that
and it’s like they were mocking us
it was just such a scary weird dream
and towards the end of it i just
remember seeing this
really disgusting blotchy
almost like black plague looking
mark across my chest there were like
little clusters like little nodules of
and i just remember screaming
right before i woke up and it was i felt
it in my spirit that
this was the mark and i’ve had this
about a month ago i’ll post the date
when i post the video but
i started you know trying to tell some
people on youtube
and people are telling me repent that
means you’re gonna get left behind this
and that
um i really feel like that this is just
a warning
because i saw a picture a few days ago
a covered vaccine participant and
what her foot looked like was exactly
what i saw in my dream
so just crazy crazy coincidences um that
are you know obviously not coincidences
just be aware of the shot

I am a New, BornAgain Believer 🙏
God has blessed me with many end time dreams during 2019-2020, most as warnings.

I also attached my dream journal notes

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