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Mark and Avoid – Olasubomi Williams

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Mark and Avoid

March 24, 2024 4:10 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Deuteronomy 18:10-15, Romans 16:17-20, 1 Corinthians 5, 8:1-3

Words of the Adon: Jesus Christ

Children as you get closer to me now at this last hours, prepare yourselves and make sure your garments are spotless and clean as I approach you to minister your roles to you. Take the words written in your Bibles and run with it. Seek me diligently and more fervently now at this hour. I will not leave nor forsake you however you must make sure you must not leave my side and fall away for even a second because the enemy is intensifying his effort to separate you away from me. I will not let you be snatched from my hand however you must not leave my hand to follow after this world. As this world is leaving with it’s deception, it will take whomever is attached to it along with it. Make sure you do not allow yourself to be deceived by the enemy.

Children, if you look on social media now, you will see that Elon is intensifying in his effort to bring about the beast system. Do not be deceived by his alluring charm. He has already been handed over to satan to be destroyed. However now he has completed the neural link system which is also the first phase of his mark to track and destroy man’s temple. Anyone who accepts this mark will not inherit my Kingdom. Many of my people are already deceived by his lies and sorcery. Children, you have to look in between the lines. Look at it from a different perspective and ask, why does he want to bring many into the neural link system and what is his end goal. Now I YAH will tell you his end goal. It is to bring as many people as possible to the beast system so that when it’s activated. It will reduce man from a living conscious being into an automaton. I have sent and told several prophets about this system and that they should be warned and warn many not to accept this system as this is just the first phase of the mark of the beast. However, now that it has been revealed to you in public, you have no excuse as to why you accepted it.

Children, at first it would produce many signs and wonders as many who receives this implant will look much more knowledgeable and advanced than many humans, it will heal several sicknesses and diseases and usher in a new era of humanity. With this, many will want to accept this implant and become much more advanced than their human limitations. They will produce and give more jobs and opportunities for those who receives this implant and many who do not receive this will be left behind and lose many benefits. The technology will increase and be much more advanced to the point that many will be able to receive this implant in a fraction of a second as many research will be done on it. However, as time goes on, this technology will further its agenda as many evil men will utilise this technology to destroy the free will of their people. Many do not understand that the things this world presents to bring enlightenment will ultimately be the downfall of many. They trust in the things that brings forth death, hence death will be their portion. Trust in me for your healing, trust in me for your salvation and I will deliver and protect you. Don’t trust man or the devil as they will bring forth your own destruction. Do not fret, help is on the way for those who believe.

Children, anyone you see who receives this implant at any stage, mark and avoid them. Even if it’s your loved ones. They have been compromised.
Now onto the main topic. Anyone you see who will try to compromise your faith. Mark and avoid them. For it is better to be alone than to be in a company of unbelievers. Mark and avoid a lukewarm

Christian as they will drag you down to complacency and compromise. The enemy will use any available avenue to cause you to fall from your faith. Guard your salvation with all jealousy. You walk is a one way walk. Walk it with excellence. Mark and avoid any pastor or any so called man of God that teaches you a doctrine other than that of the bible. Mark and avoid people who causes you to compromise. Limit your interactions with them and stay away from them until they themselves have been brought into my light.

Before the technology is complete, I will destroy many of these evil men’s power before they cause great havoc upon the world. Your king Yahusha ha masheach. Your one and only saviour.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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