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Many Will Parish

October 16, 2023 11:02 AM

Even though it seems a century has gone by, it is a drop in the bucket in my time. Each of my children tend to get impatient and weary waiting. Know there is a precise time for everything to occur and events can’t be changed or hurried. Be patient in all you do, while waiting. Spend your time praying and getting to know me better, each and every day.

Many will be very surprised as things start to play out upon your world. Things that no one really expects will become everyday occurrences. War, and all the challenges of war, will make the USA, a battleground. Shortages of everything will make living difficult for most. The enemy will take over all swiftly and efficiently. Many will perish. As the enemy conqueror’s regions, many will be displaced and will be without shelter. There will be many types of groups that will form during this time. Being in a group will be an advantage over being alone. There will be groups of those who believe in I Am and will be kept safe during these times. They will pray for food and water, and they will miraculously appear. Life will not be easy for those left in the rubble. Those who count on I Am will know that they will be safe under my wings.

I go thru caverns, alleyways, places upon the Earth, in unlikely areas to find those of you who are mine. You don’t necessarily reside in churches or places of worship. I find some of you in the most unlikely of places (or situations). Some of you are homeless, some are unemployed, and others have conditions with their health which give them much pain. As I scour the Earth, there is a plan that is coming together, a path that can be followed to Heaven. Each of my children need to find this path to their ultimate destination. They need to focus on I Am. Those of my children who have found the path are shunned and mocked by many. They have given their life to me and reside under my wings. These children do not waver or bend with the wind. They are steadfast and willing to do what is necessary for my Kingdom to thrive. They are at the forefront of salvation and will lead the way for many. I applaud them “Good and faithful servant”.

Each child has a purpose and has a function in this world. Not all my children hit the goals that could have been achieved, if they stayed on the narrow road. Many deviates (from intended lives) and change the course of many lives.
No lives are perfect, but when sin gets into the mix it causes many perturbations (changes from the norm) that could have been avoided if my rules had been followed. Sometimes these anomalies go down thru many generations changing the course of many individuals and family members.
There is a structure to life, and when it is not followed many suffer the consequences.
Get back on the right course and follow my rules and commandments before you alter, what can’t be changed.

Your lives will change as we approach WW3. My vessels should prepare themselves for much change. Duties you have done for me, will change, in the twinkling of an eye. Your focus will change from what was to what is. Many will take their positions helping the lost and broken hearted. Their focus will be on the Salvation of those who do not know me or have been backslidden. The Harvest will be great. I Am will lead and guide you to your posts. Many miracles will occur, even greater than when I was on Earth. Prepare for battle (Spiritual Warfare) and healings the likes that have not been seen before.

Don’t be one of my children who spent your life only taking care of yourself. Do not be one who have ignored my written word. Do not be ignorant of my rules and commandments. Do not be caught in unrepentant sin(s) at the end of your life. It is never too late to change your destiny until you take your last breath. (exception: Taking the mark of the beast- Rev 13:16-18 and Rev 14:9-11) It is not too late to become that person, you never were.
I Am a forgiving God that made it possible for your repentance and forgiveness of sins. It is a free gift, one given without cost.
Not every child will take me up on my offer, for their pride and lack of humbleness keeps them from their salvation. They believe, their beliefs are solid and true and lack the motivation to prove themselves wrong.
If this is you, reevaluate how long eternity is. For I do not want any of my children spending eternity without me. This is why I warn you in advance that you are in grave danger.

Children, your safety is in me. I Am your shield when all is upside down on the Earth. Find a quiet place and speak to me. Let me hear your concerns. Pray for my protection and know I will be with you. All my children need to focus on me at this time. Instead of time worrying, spend that time in prayer. It is much more effective. I Am your shield and buckler.

As many things change upon this Earth, many of your loved ones will perish from various reasons. Do not lose faith, do not lose hope for your continued prayers make such a difference in all situations. Count on I Am to do the seemingly impossible. Have all faith in your Lord and Savior. I Am there to make the crooked places strait and to do the seemingly impossible. Pray diligently for I hear all prayers.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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