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Many will be put to death – Barbara Francis

Many will be put to death

June 22, 2019
Barbara Francis

Hebrews 13:8 KJV
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

I am the GOD of order. Those that know me know my ways. Because I AM slow to anger many believe I am slack. I will punish the proud and arrogant. The Churches of earth have gone astray following after their own imaginations. Men stand at the alter and preach a twisted and perverted doctrine. These men don’t worship me. . Many worship strange Gods and idols. They are leading my innocent sheep away from the truth. Many brag that my instruction given to Moses and my commandments are no longer to be obeyed. Do you know my commandments and statutes.? Have you read about my prophets.? I have called Prophets and Messengers In these last days, just as I had called them in the beginning. Read my WORDS. I will open your understanding to this TRUTH. Open your eyes and and hear and see MY TRUTH. Soon great destruction, death, famine and war will engulf the entire earth. Many will be put to death. Beheaded for being my witnesses and sharing my testimony and words. My prophets and messengers continue to warn you. I AM THE SAME , YESTERDAY TODAY AND TOMORROW. There is no other like me. Behold, the shaking will grow stronger with each passing day.

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Yo soy el Dios de orden. Los que me conocen conocen mis caminos. Porque YO SOY lento para enojarme muchos creen que estoy flojo. Castigaré a los soberbios y arrogantes. Las Iglesias de la tierra se han extraviado siguiendo sus propias imaginaciones. Los hombres se paran en el altar y predican una doctrina retorcida y pervertida. Estos hombres no me adoran. . Muchos adoran dioses extraños e ídolos. Están alejando a mi inocente oveja de la verdad. Muchos se jactan de que mi instrucción dada a Moisés y mis mandamientos ya no deben ser obedecidos. ¿Conoces mis mandamientos y estatutos? ¿Has leído acerca de mis profetas? He llamado a los profetas y mensajeros en estos últimos días, tal como los había llamado al principio. Lee mis palabras Abriré tu entendimiento a esta VERDAD. Abre tus ojos y escucha y ve MI VERDAD. Pronto la gran destrucción, la muerte, el hambre y la guerra envolverán a toda la tierra. Muchos serán ejecutados. Decapitado por ser mis testigos y compartir mi testimonio y mis palabras. Mis profetas y mensajeros siguen advirtiéndote. YO SOY EL MISMO, AYER HOY Y MAÑANA. No hay otro como yo. He aquí, el temblor se hará más fuerte con cada día que pasa.

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  1. Linda Courtney

    Years ago while in a certain Church we kept the SABBATH, which is Saturday, the LAST day of the week according to our calendar. Some years later I began to attend the A of G, and went to church on Sunday. I would like to ask Godhealer, and others, what DAY do you consider being in alignment with “keeping Gods 4th Commandment?” Thank for your replies.

  2. Tom

    Linda, I think it’s important to understand the goal and purpose of the Sabbath day is not religiosity but restoration. Originally God commanded the Jews to observe the Sabbath as a day of rest not only for themselves, but for their servants and animals as well. The same pattern was given them with the Jubilee, where every seventh year is to be a year of rest for their land. Obviously Christians live under the New Covenant today, but clearly God doesn’t want us to work everyday, He wants us to rest and spend quality time with Him at least one day a week. For some people this day is a Sunday, and for some of us retired folks, it’s everyday. Perhaps Exodus 23:12 will help….. “Six days [each week] you shall do your work, but on the seventh day you shall stop [working] so that your ox and your donkey may settle down and rest, and the son of your female servant, as well as your stranger, may be refreshed.” (AMP)

  3. Ming

    Dr. Michael Brown has written on this issue –

    Be led by the Holy Spirit in your walk with God.



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