“Many speak of My Coming, but NO ONE knows the Hour” – Godshealer7

By Godshealer7

May 04, 2017

Justice calls on Heavens to awaken. Speak now, son of man, speak the Truth. My Wrath has been kindled, for time has recorded man’s transgressions against Me. I have inclined My Ear and heard the cries of My children.

Many seek Forgiveness, but have you FORGIVEN your neighbor? Many seek Mercy, but have you been MERCIFUL? Many try to hide what is in their heart, but I see ALL.

Many say they speak for Me, but they speak for themselves. I do not know them, they have spread DECEPTION and CONFUSION. They shall stand in front of Me and be HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Let those that have eyes SEE. Let those that have ears HEAR. Listen to your heart, let the Spirit guide you.

Many speak of My Coming, but NO ONE knows the Hour. Let Faith step forward today. Let Obedience speak for you.

The Truth speaks as ONE. Will YOU be found on the Father’s side?


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