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Many of MY own have not fully surrendered

January 24, 2022 10:53 PM


My daughter- type these words for MY own. Many of MY own have not fully surrendered. (Though many believe that they have.) Ask MY children this: Have you come to the point that you too can have mercy on people you see to be evil. Do you long for them to live in eternal damnation? Or have you come to the point in your consciousness that you pray for all those you see as “evil”? You see my loves, just like you, the hearts of so many have been allured and captured by the enemy into his snare. You my children have seen MY light and have been released from his snare, but there are others that are still caught up in HIS lies. Do you wish ME to leave them there because some of MY own are uncomfortable- maybe even suffering? Remember MY loves back to when you were caught in his snare…what if I would have answered the prayers of MY suffering servants back then? Then where would you be? Wishing and praying for escape should be replaced MY loves, by prayer for those still blinded and in the throws of evil. These that you pray for are MY creation. Yes, they are apart from ME, NOT walking out of MY will for them, and some even engaged in incomprehensible deeds, but are WE not to pray for them? Remember in MY word it says that I’ve gone to prepare a place for you and that the sufferings you face in this earthly realm are nothing in comparison to what I have in store for you. When MY bride begins to take pity on the lost and begins to believe – actually believe-in MY restorative POWER then and only then will SHE be unleashed into MY GREATER (GREATEST) works. At this time much of MY bride still holds on to this prejudice against a large part of MY creation. A large part of MY HARVEST. I will not harvest a field that is not yet ripened. The longer it takes for MY bride to see her error the longer she must tarry. The greater works that MY bride will have set before her will one day will come, but not until her compassion for the lost and even the evil reaches a fever pitch. You see my loves the enemy has beguiled many of MY own, and only thru your intercession will many of these be released from his grasp. Is it still hard for you to pray for the restoration of the heart of someone you see as wicked? MY bride must reach beyond this and expand her wisdom! Some of you are here and hate is not in your vocabulary, yet others do not separate the action from the actor. You see my children- some continue to demonize my creation and they fail to see the source of evil- the enemy himself. Hate the evil yes, but pray that the “evil doers” are restored and that their hearts of stone are softened. Pray that many more receive the FREE GIFT of MY SALVATION, that MY harvest is ABUNDANT and a BOUNTIFUL presentation to MY FATHER!
Pray to receive MY wisdom and understanding that you must see beyond actions and into heart s, that many lost sheep must make the journey home to their CREATOR. This is what I ask. This is what I long for. This is a glimpse into MY heart!

Yeshua Hamashiac

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