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June 7, 2020 6:52 AM
Loveth Nwokeohuru

07 June 2020

I was inside my room on a sunny day, I looked out from my window and I saw many moon like planets in the sky.

Then I saw another planet, just like the sun, I was confused, “is that the sun”?

Then I asked myself, “how many suns do we have”?

I looked at the east, from my other window, I saw the real sun rising, then on the west I saw these moon like planets and the sun like planet.

Then I decided to take a photo of them, I brought out my phone and took a shot, but when I checked on my phone I didn’t see anything.. The pictures disappeared.

I had wanted to show my family and others these images to prove to them that I actually saw them..

Then gradually I didn’t see these planets again.

Then I saw the red planet, it became very clear.. it was very red.

Then I saw another planet, one was travelling at a very high speed, i can’t really tell where it was travelling to, weather earth or weather it was travelling to collide with the other planet.

But I don’t think it may be approaching the earth, it didn’t face downward, rather it was facing that other planet.

Then I woke up.

I have been seeing these things for many years now.

And many people have been seeing these things too.

I think most of my dreams are about these moon like objects and planets..

In one of my earliest dreams I was told that these are the signs of the second coming of Christ.

In the other dream I was told that they’re planets which could not be seen with the naked eyes, but very soon as the coming of Christ is drawing nearer we will start seeing them.

Then in the other one, I knew in the dream that it was the judgment of God that was coming upon this earth.

Because when people saw them in the dream, they started crying, they were afraid, then i told them that there is still time for them to repent, before the judgements will start falling.

Then..I quickly remembered the bible text that says, men’s heart failing them with fear of what is about to befall the earth.

So in conclusion, I think God is trying to tell us that his coming is very close when we will start seeing all these things happening.

Already people are seeing them now, and some persons have taken pictures of them.

The Lord is telling us that his Judgment is coming upon the earth, and he will use these things to bring judgment upon the earth.

Because as these planets are approaching the earth, they will cause a shaking in the heavens and on earth.

The book of Hebrews spoke about the shaking of the heavens and the earth..

The bible says that strange signs shall be seen in the heavens.. And the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Not only blood moon and the darkening of the sun.

There was another dream I had about a gigantic planet, causing the shaking of things in the earth.

So, I think as these planets continue to approach the earth, there will be increase in earthquakes, Tsunamis, and the stars falling from sky. Etc…


Luke 21:26
“Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken”.

Hebrews 12:26
“Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven”.

May we be found worthy to escape all that will come upon this earth.

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  1. McKana

    Thank you for sharing what the Lord showed you.

    Some are signs like the two or many moons. Some are real, Wormwood/planet-X which many have seen including me.


  2. Kerrin McNaughton

    Thank You, dear Loveth, for this message. You’ve confirmed a dream from last week when I saw 5 or 6 large, reddish orange moons & planets; they were clustered low on the horizon, very large & I saw craters on some of them. There was no sense of fear in the dream; just the electric excitement of knowing this meant the Lord is Coming soon Amen!! May we each repent each day, washing our robes in His Blood, filling our lamps with His Holy Oil. God Bless You, Loveth & all our Brothers & Sisters. Armor Up – day & night!! The King is Coming!! 💜🕊💜

  3. Handmaid of the Most High

    Yes Loveth,

    There is confirmation, check out the you tube channel, “The Final Days”. I have mentioned her in at least one message I posted. There is a “second sun”, it is a sun simulator and it can be seen close up on her videos! Our sun is nearly dead and thus to keep the people from seeing that the end is near, this phony sun is in operation! Up close, it is a series of bright lights but it operates differently due to its true nature!

    In my posting “The DEVASTATOR IS AT THE DOOR! SAY YOUR GOODBYES! John 6:68″
    posted September 1, 2019, the Heavenly Father said, ” My son told you to watch the signs in the heavens and the earth. I couldn’t be more clear about these days. The heaven and the earth are GIANT BILLBOARDS upon which I have written.”

    May others become aware the return of the True Son is coming soon.

  4. Jeanine Alameda

    The YouTube channel The Final Days has actual footage of these planets. She has been showing them for several years now. Trillions of dollars have been spent to hide them from people. Go take a look.

  5. Marius

    In april I had a similar dream . : It was a sunny day , I saw two planets or moons in the sky close to earth , and very close to each other .I had this dream after I prayed “God if there is a rapture when it will be?” The Lord is clearly telling us something.
    God Bless you and your loved ones in Yahusha name.

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