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Many Moons Dream – AJ


Many Moons Dream

November 19, 2020 12:05 AM

Today is 19/11/2020

I had another dream about the moons in the sky. But this time it wasn’t frightening to look at like the previous ones. First I saw many moons scattered across the night sky.


Then I saw a different arrangement of planets in a single line one behind another like a solar system. I saw the moon, a white planet(probably the sun not sure), then a red planet, and a very big black planet. All these were in a horizontal symmetrical arrangement. When people saw the sign in the sky they were alarmed and begun to panic. I told them that time has run out and this was God’s doing. Then they asked me what they shall do to escape the wrath of God, and I answered and said plainly

God doesn’t want anything else but your total submission to him, He said as I am holy, you also should be holy. He is a God of righteousness and He is your maker therefore you’re to live righteously”.

When they heard this I saw some of them that fell down to their knees and begun praying to God. But as all this wen on I noticed drones flying in the area just over the roof tops and they were surveiling the whole place and they were concealed in soft paper bags so that you couldn’t tell it was drones flying. I grabbed one of them and crashed it in my hands then threw it away.

These dreams about the many moons, I’ve come to understand that they represent time/seasons/years; after God gave me an illustration using the same sign.

People out there that haven’t come to Jesus yet, there isn’t much time left. Please start your journey of repentance and righteousness today so that you can escape the terrible day of the Lord.



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