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Man’s heart

April 29, 2022 3:03 AM
Brother Moses

April 29, 2022

Words from the Lord.

My son, the heart of man is so evil and deceitful. Man’s heart is so dark and corrupt and will always do things that are sinful without shame. The heart of Man cannot think about God nor will it be able to walk in holiness because it has being bought by My enemy and has become his dwelling place. All those who are still living with the old heart will not be able to live a life that pleases Me for they are still slaves to the enemy and will only do his pleasures. My children, you cannot live a life that pleases Me as long as you still have the old heart that is rebelious and selfish in nature.

I the Lord gives to those who surrender their life fully to Me a new heart that loves, trust and obey Me in all things. A new heart that hates what I the Lord hates and Love what I love. A heart that hungers and thirst after righteousness. That values My presense more than all the preasures of this vain world. A heart that love others and intercedes for the lost. That forgives its offenders unconditionaly. This is the type of heart I long to give to All My children.

You cannot obtain a new heart from Me unless your old heart is fully surrendered to Me so that I can replace it with MY OWN HEART. Only those who have the same heart that I have can love what I love and hate what I hate. You can never attain to purity of heart as long as you still have the old heart (nature) in you. Come and exchange your old heart (nature) with My own Heart (nature) of righteousness, peace, love and joy.


Coordinating Scriptures.

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Romans 2:5
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Romans 14:17.

Brother Moses


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