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Manhattan Dreams – Exodus Speaks

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Manhattan Dreams

January 10, 2023 8:40 AM
Exodus Speaks

Hello I had 2 Manhattan end time dreams in 2020, I’ve been led to share them now.

I had these two dreams (around spring). Within a few days of each other back in 2020. At that time I did not see the significance of them, or understand them, and quickly forgot about them. I have been strongly and persistently been urged to share them for about a week now.

Dream 1:

I was in a large department store in New York, and was given later confirmation it was specifically Manhattan. It was a modern looking building, and there were a lot of children in there with their parents. All of a sudden GIANTS started breaking windows and walls and forcing themselves in. They were so enormous this took no effort on their end. There was broken glass, rubble, debris, and entire buildings collapsing. They started snatching people up and eating them whole. There was so much chaos, fear, and screaming. People were trying to find a way out of these stores, since a good portion had been destroyed, a lot of them were actually trapped inside. A lot of people were abandoning their own children, in an attempt to save themselves. It was heartbreaking. End of Dream 1.

Dream 2:

I saw two demons rising from an ocean on a very pretty, sunny day (late spring, early summer). There was a demon with a red face wearing a very long, black, cloak. It covered his entire body from the face down. He was riding the second demon like a surfboard. It’s almost as if he changed form when he emerged from the water. He was much larger than the other demon and was naked. He resembled a beast but his skin was a grayish-green color, it’s hard to describe as I’ve never seen a color like this.

I’m not sure of the timeline between this and the giant dream, but this dream was confirmed to be about Manhattan too. I believe when the demons emerge from the water it will cause a lot of fish to die, as the water looked very beautiful and quickly became ugly and dirty. End of Dream 2.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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