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Mandatory Vaccine – Milightshines7

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Mandatory Vaccine

July 21, 2022 4:04 PM

Hello everyone I am Milightshines7

I have been having a few dreams over the years but the most recent was a vision..

This was on a Sunday at church standing in line renewing my pledge to Jesus Our King.

When suddenly a vision popped into my line of view.

it truly took me by surprise and gave me a sense of over whelming feeling of dread and I am not sure how I reacted but it took my breath away for a moment.

I then studies it it was a Large W sign an illuminate very Evil Eye this was in May2022.
I asked the Holy Spirit of God to reveal what it meant ..

This is what it told me Bill Gates Now ownes W.H.O That the bill will pass that W.H.O will over run the the Governments Health sector to Mandatory the v all over the world that it is of the Evil one Over looking every medical facility in the World. That we need to see the the other symbols on the medical vehicles, and so on all signifing the Devil and how it has infiltrated deviously the human medical fields….That they actually show us in plan site the Snake or Serpant going up the Staff It is an Idial of the dark one that has satuerated all areas of the medical world.All because of the Elite 1% orgastrating this years ago and now they have found the perfect hench man B G.He will do everything to make this world his under the authority of 1 other the dark one….

Please be very careful now when you go to your doctors do not le them do things to you that you do not need they can tamper with your blood and more..

So,Do Not trust your Gp’s or Dr’s as you use too as they are turning from being V’d . As soon as the 5G comes into play watch out because you may know or not know it is going to have a significant disruption on the nurial pathways and also animals that have been chipped…Many will be zombified to worse dropping dead..

But you that have stayed stead fast to the Lord just keep turning to him and meditate as to keep you safe by Jesus covering you in his Blood and Hedge of protection..

all I can say may God have mercy on those that have had upto 7 jabs already…

With Peace for all understanding and Love I bring this message to you all that have awakend that never laped into a sleep of this reality unfolding.
Be on your guard what seems normal now is a false time of settling back be ready it will change soon enjoy what joy what God gives us now and for each pressious day that we wake up too.

i will be continuing soon with the others I have had …..

Bless you all in humbleness I proclaim to you just as the Lord wants me to tell you



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