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Mandatory Vaccination of College Students

February 22, 2021 1:06 PM

June 5, 2020

In a dream vision I found myself to be a college student in a dormitory in the early morning. Campus police were making an announcement for all students to come downstairs and gather outside their dorms, like in a fire drill.

I asked one of the campus police what was the emergency. He explained that the college president had been in a late night meeting with officials. There he had made a decision to immediately enforce vaccination of students the next day. All students, without any time to consider and further research the vaccine to make an informed decision, were going to be vaccinated that very morning.

Public health crews stood by, mostly women in white coats, ready to administer the vaccines. I approached one of the nurses and told her, “5G microwaves may be activating the virus and making its effects worse on the body,” but she ignored me.

I told the campus security guard that I wouldn’t take the vaccine. He made me stand by myself in one area of the campus courtyard set aside for those students who refused the vaccine. Not long after, another young woman ran across the courtyard and joined me. She looked older than most of the students, a graduate student. “I just gave up my PhD,” she said sadly. All students who did not take the vaccine would not be able to continue their studies and earn their degrees.

Americans, do you really want to be marked with a vaccine that glows with the GMO enzyme Luciferase, named after Lucifer, the leader of the fallen angels? This fact is only one that presages the long term destructive effects of this vaccine. Yes, we all have laudable goals and plans for the future that can include education, but remember that you will have to face the consequences of your choices before God the Father. Standing before God, it is best to be marked with the blood of Jesus.



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