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Mandatory Kool-Aid for Everyone – Cassandra


Mandatory Kool-Aid for Everyone

January 28, 2022 6:37 AM

Rec’d 1/28/22

Dear Brethren in Yahushua,

I had a brief dream, more of a nightmare early this morning. I call IT (I think we all know what IT is) *the kool-aid* in memory of those following Jim Jones in the Guyana cult who drank the kool-aid and died.

Anyhow, where I was living, which is currently the US, the kool-aid became mandatory. I was very distressed and almost hysterical about this. There were few of us that had not drank the kool-aid. There was NO option to go to a FEMA camp to be beheaded, or anything. I had a knowing there were checkpoints everywhere and they would scan you to ensure you had a code (which happens when you drink the kool-aid, the computer AI interface/nanobots, etc. sets up in your body. Other info. on this is out there)

So, the day came, and me, and the few of us left had to go do this. They put it into blueberry pancakes of all things. There were several lines, kind of like a school cafeteria lunch room. We all looked at each other in deep sadness. I considered not eating my pancakes, but knew I would be found out soon enough if I did not. I received a small portion and ate them, just standing up. We all just ate them standing up. Everyone was so very sad, deeply grieved and crying. Afterward, people were praying together outside. I saw three others and we held hands and prayed and repented. I dropped to my knees as they were still standing. I was so upset. –

End of dream.

I wonder now, what really would have happened had I not eaten the pancakes, but it just was not an option. In my head right now I somehow think there will be a way to escape when that time comes. I just don’t know, the situation may different for us all depending upon where we live. I have also had a dream of a plane dropping a syringe in front of my front door. It was bigger than a baseball bat, probably the size of a car bumper, but wider.

I would still say, avoid the kool-aid at all costs! If you did take it, please repent and take no more!! I have also read that at some point it will be put in our food and water supply. This may be another reason to stock up on food and water as we can NOW. I wish I lived in a more rural area with a well, or clean water source nearby, but I just don’t. I will admit, I lost my home in Sept., through no fault of my own, I was on a month to month lease and the owner sold it. I have been staying in a friend’s basement. …in a metro area on city water.

I realize this dream is a nightmare that has already become a reality for many.

Please pray for all those who have lost or losing jobs and the people in these countries where it is a reality:

I pray the goshens/safe havens/refuges open up for us soon. Hang in there brothers and sisters. Keep praying for provision and protection. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Blessings, love, and hope, (searching for that peace and shalom,)


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