“Man Your Stations You Have Little Time Left” – God’s Handmaiden

“Man Your Stations You Have Little Time Left” – God’s Handmaiden
April 18, 2018 2:18 P.M.

I am praying and then, The Lord is answering me…Why Lord do people not sense what you are saying or what urgency and warning of not only your soon coming, but the other events Prophesied in Your Word will shortly come to pass, also? Why Lord can others walk around in complete and utter darkness of things coming, while you have Chosen,if You may, hand picked from the very beginning of time Watchmen & Messengers for that Great Day? What must we do to share Your Messages?

People in the world and in The Church look at these “warnings”,as we are not to concern ourselves, at this moment. I know what You’ve shown and what I’ve heard in my Spirit and until, some few years back,I too was as they. I’m not perfect in all my ways and yet, day after day, You continue to Speak to me to warn, to prepare, to sound the alarm. For many will be harmed, without any provision from Government or warnings from the news.

In one afternoon, you say Lord, things will never be the same. “Continue to warn”, you say to me. I hear You Speaking, as plain as day. Lord, I am listening to every Word You Say. Humbly, I am following Your precious leading. I hear You Say, “I will never leave you, by the way…meaning wayside…I AM on the way. Continue to listen My Daughter daily. I AM Speaking. Seek Your Father’s Face and see My amazing Grace. You are nearing the end of The Race. Everyone is in place…not only Mine…and you know who you are…man your stations. Do not be found wasting what little time you have left. Seek Me daily. Make a point to rise before the sun to seek My Face. It is quiet for now, but I warn you…not for much longer. War is coming to America! She will and can hardly bear what will strike her,at her very heart of the Nation” Sister Mary says she heard New York.

The Lord continues “Pray without Ceasing…a change is coming quickly…sooner than you think…cities will burn…the earth will churn…evil will soon lurk, at every turn. America, you will burn. You continue to be turned from Me. You do not seek Me, but pleasures of this world.You have forsaken me and so I will soon send a terrible shaking, to awaken those, who dangerously sleep. Pray for Mercy, my dear Children…prayers for safety…I hold you close to My Bosom. I Love you and so you must, also understand…I Love ALL My Children; especially, the lost. Death comes, at a cost. Some, it will cost them ETERNITY. Think on this, when you are preparing and leading the weak. FEED MY SHEEP.

Then, Mary says later on in the afternoon…she heard “1260 days”. She says she does not know if that means 1260 days…she ends this with it’s evening and she knows she is about to get busy with dinner and just wanted to share this, before she gets busy and if she gets anything else…she will share that, too. God Bless you Brothers & Sisters.


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