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Malice In The Palace! – Benjamin Faircloth

Benjamin Faircloth

Malice In The Palace!

December 23, 2018

“America, where are you? Do you realize what time it is? It is your hour of reckoning, its your payday for the malice and controversy you have with Me! I’m judging you but you can’t see it, I’m correcting you but your ignoring it. Why are you rejecting My counsel? I have called you, warned you, wooed you, but you refuse to see your sin! Your cup is full, your pride has blossomed from youthful rejection to complete rebellion! You call yourself the land of the free, but your bound by the chains of sin and your incarcerated by your iniquity! America this is your day to see the handwriting on the wall! Your kingdom is divided, your king is exposed and no one can stop what has already started-the downfall of a nation who once had it all but traded it for the pleasures of sin!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 12)

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