Malfunction! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Malfunction! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America, your time has come to face reality, you will never be great again! You have forfeited your position among the Kingdoms of this world through your violent lust of greed and gain!

Innocent lives are underneath your footprints of dominion and you dominant the weakest among you! Your tragedy as a nation that has fallen, is found in the history of those who have gone before you. Greece, Rome, the Persians, and the Medes. Yet you fool yourself by believing a lie that you will outlive their failures!

Babylon the Great did fall, and so shall you! In a day, in a moment, your smoke shall rise toward Heaven. Your cry will be great, but your pain will be greater than your can bear! Not long from now, I will release the destroyers of the nations, and your weakness will be revealed! Your foundation will be exposed and the world will see how fragile you really are!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 19) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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